GS1 Canada Announces Partnership with Global Data Solutions Leader 1WorldSync

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TORONTO, March 26, 2015 /CNW/ – Known for the power of the barcode, GS1 Canada, Canada’s leader in collaborative commerce and administrator of the GS1 System of supply chain and business standards, is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership with 1WorldSync, the world’s leading data pool solutions provider, for the use of its product data management platform.

Global trade and commerce is facilitated by standardized, timely and accurate data. 1WorldSync manages the world’s product information. As the most advanced and largest Global Data Standards Network™ (GDSN®) service provider in the world, 1WorldSync is the industry leader in multi-enterprise product information exchange and certified standards-based GS1 GDSN data pool solutions provider.

Under this new partnership, the GS1 Canada GDSN data pool will be powered by 1WorldSync, the world’s largest certified GDSN data pool – enabling GS1 Canada subscribers: retailers; distributors; healthcare providers and manufacturers, to access to more than ninety per cent of the global product pipeline including more than one million healthcare products via Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINS). GS1 Canada’s capability to support medical device manufacturers will also be enhanced.

“In a mobile, digital world, it is critical that our subscribers are working with global best practices in data synchronization and technology” affirms N. Arthur Smith, President and CEO of GS1 Canada. “This exciting partnership addresses the evolving requirements of Canada’s supply chain including healthcare and manufacturers, and emphasizes the need for Standards in product data management and synchronization worldwide.”

“This 1WorldSync-GS1 Canada partnership is a critical milestone for the exchange of global data worldwide,” said Nihat Arkan, CEO of 1WorldSync. “GS1 Canada joins 19 other countries such as GS1 Australia, GS1 Germany and GS1 US, among many others, to support the demand and value of standards-based product data synchronization. It is a global marketplace and GS1 Canada GDSN powered by 1WorldSync is a reflection of this reality.”

Implementation for the new GS1 Canada GDSN certified data pool powered by 1Worldsync is scheduled to begin in Q2 2015. GS1 Canada GDSN powered by 1WorldSync will operate in tandem with the existing GDSN data pool powered by GXS as the latter is phased out over the course of the next year.

GS1 Canada GDSN powered by 1WorldSync and GS1 Canada’s ECCnet Registry work well together and the ability to publish data direct to GDSN customers or through the ECCnet Registry will continue unaffected.

About GS1 Canada:

GS1 Canada is a member of GS1, the world’s leading supply chain standards organization. As a neutral, not–for–profit organization, GS1 Canada enables its more than 20,000 subscribers – organizations of all sizes from more than 20 sectors across Canada – to enhance their efficiency and cost effectiveness by adopting electronic supply chain best practices.

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About 1WorldSync:

With more than 16,000 customers across 54 countries, 1WorldSync is the leading product information network and data pool solutions provider, certified within GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®). 1WorldSync solutions and services enable businesses to exchange product information across their buy and sell side trading partner communities, via a single cloud- based platform with solutions including Supply Chain Enablement, Product Risk & Compliance, and Omni-Channel Commerce.  1WorldSync is jointly owned by the member organizations of GS1 Germany and GS1 US. GS1 is the preeminent organization for the development of global standards, for identifying, capturing and sharing product information.

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