Control Lights, Receive Notificatons and More with Hackey and IFTTT


If Cerevo’s new product, Hackey, catches on, you might never be able to start a sentence with: “I can’t just flip a switch. . .”

The Japanese company Cerevo used the SXSW festival this week to debut Hackey. Right now, the uses for the device seem limitless.

Hackey is a palm-sized, free standing lock-and-key device. Physically, it has a small key and a box that is WiFi connected.

Now, Hackey doesn’t unlock any doors in the traditional sense. Instead, turning the key triggers an IFTTT command that enables some type of Web service, according to Cerevo’s press release from SXSW.

IFTTT is an automation process that works on an “if this then that” command. So, when the key of Hackey is turned inside its housing box, some kind of Web service is triggered.

What sort of Web services does Cerevo have in mind? The company gives a few examples of how its device can be put to good use. In its release, the company says:

“With Hackey and IFTTT, you can enable many new usages like getting notified when your kid returns home by asking him to turn this key when he gets back. You can also place this switch in the meeting room, to make an update on the online calendar to notify that room is in the use when someone turns on that key, and make another update that room is now available when that key gets turned off.”

Cerevo also suggests that Hackey be used to activate a smart light bulb you may be using.

Perhaps those are limited applications of the device, but Cerevo used SXSW to release the API for the device to have developers come up with new uses for it.

I Can’t Just Flip a Switch. . .

Although Hackey will be sold with a key, Cerevo says that it’s developing other switches and buttons that would also work with the base unit to perform Web tasks. Think, emergency shut-off button.

The company even says that other 16mm switches can be used in place of the key. And new switches can even be 3D printed.

Cerevo says that Hackey should be available this summer and will sell for $90.

Image: Cerevo

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  1. Quite cool. It allows you to receive notifications on certain actions without being there physically. I think that this can work in small businesses too. Like on how a customer can turn the key when he’s ready to order and other similar actions.

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