Get More Done With These 5 Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps

Everyone wants to do more in less time.

Luckily, with a tablet or phone stapled to our hands or wrapped around our wrists, it’s become easier to get more done with just a few taps of a finger. Begone with paper and hard copies. Here are five productivity apps that keep you better organized, on the go, productive, and in control.

EZ Forms

EZ Forms lets you create, edit, and share forms.

This app allows you to communicate with employees in real time as well. It will also show you completed, missed, and pending information being collected from the field, so you can make better-informed business decisions.

It has cloud storage for fully integrated file management. The Workflows option allows you to assign tasks and to track the progress made against each task.


Inkflow is for the personal artist or visual thinker.

It allows you to capture ideas as you would normally with a pen, but also re-arrange them and upload the pictures so you can have your own personal idea as a picture. It’s also a great way to doodle your ideas and get a better picture when you don’t have pen and paper nearby.

It’s great for paperless doodling, too, which can increase your focus.


Mailbox is your inbox redesigned in a simple format to save you more time, and allow you to be more productive.

It’s light, fast, on the go, and mobile-friendly. It works like a messaging system in that you swipe your e-mails to archive them or trash them. And it’s designed for you to be able to scan and understand the entire message as if it were a text message.


Everyone’s had one of those days when you can’t remember your passwords?

Well, Keeper takes that onus off your shoulders, so you can deal with the things that really matter. One of the great things about Keeper is its ability to synch across devices, which means you don’t have the frustration of repeatedly entering in the wrong password and locking your accounts or having to reset them.

Keeper keeps everything behind a single master password that wipes your secrets if a hack is attempted.


Wikitude is an augmented reality application.

This app requires an orientation period but it’s handy nonetheless. It aims to cut down on wasted lunchtimes and keep you from getting lost while out on company errands. It turns on your phone’s camera and then determines your location.

Place markers are overlaid onto the camera view as a way of pointing out what’s around you. For instance, the app can guide you to restaurants, supply stores, and other destinations.

Image: Keeper Security


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  1. Melissa,

    Thank so much for sharing these productivity apps. As visual individual, I have to check out Inkflow. Have you tested Trello?

  2. Oooh all of these sound new to me. I think the only name that rings a bell is EZ Forms. I have to look into each one to see how they can benefit me and my business.

  3. Great post. I love keeper! Saves me a ton of time.

  4. Melissa – Great tips. I have used EZ Forms in the past and have found it very useful.

  5. Nice list, I’ve never used any of these except Mailbox.

  6. Great resources! Only one I’ve used is Mailbox