TechColumbus Spurs Startup Success with Relaunch as Rev1


The goal at Rev1 Ventures is to turn Columbus, Ohio, into the Silicon Prairie.

The technology and business incubator, originally TechColumbus, has re-branded itself to take a more multi-faceted approach to fostering an environment for startups.

Tom Walker, the president and CEO of Rev1, says in a statement announcing the relaunch:

“Our new name signals our dedication to helping entrepreneurs master their firsts – from validating their first product to securing their first capital, landing their first customer, and everything in between. Backed by an impressive team of the industry’s best and brightest minds, Rev1 is steadfast in our goal to making Columbus one of the most successful startup communities in the country.

A video posted with the relaunch gives an overview of the organization’s vision:

Rev1 doesn’t simply give startups the capital they need to survive and grow. It also aligns these companies with services to help keep them afloat.

The company says it combines the capital of a venture fund with the resources of an accelerator program.

Rev1 notes that about one-third of all startups fail to get their product into a marketplace and never make a sale.

To help startups in the Columbus area avoid this, Rev1 provides not only venture funding but also expert help.

An expert provided by Rev1 gives guidance helpful in getting a product into the market, for example by investigating the need for a particular product or service on a startup’s behalf.

Rev1 has 100 experienced partners at the ready to assist startups in their earliest stages. In addition to this initial guidance, the company also provides some startups with recruitment experts to help them successfully grow.

Rev1 claims it is already close to making Columbus one of the fastest-growing start-up centers in the country. The company says it is on track for a 40 percent increase in its investments this year over last.

One startup to benefit from Rev1’s capital and expertise so far is Print Syndicate, an apparel and home goods e-commerce site based in Columbus. In a prepared statement included with Rev1’s release, Print Syndicate co-founder and CEO Tanisha Robinson, explains:

“As a Columbus-based company, we were so thrilled that Rev1 stepped up to bring hometown support into our Series A funding, helping us successfully raise critical capital in our early stages. Rev1 has phenomenal resources in place to assist entrepreneurs every step of the way. Their vision and support is paramount for helping companies like ours thrive.”

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