How Can Twitter Website Cards Help Your Business?

twitter website cards

Small business owners already use Twitter as a platform for promoting their businesses and brands. But another lesser known Twitter tool may be even more effective at getting followers to really engage.

That feature is called a Twitter Website Card. Twitter recently held one of its #TwitterAcademy webinars to further explain its use. And Small Business Trends attended the event to learn more.

Here are some of the basics you should know:

Twitter Website Cards give users a snapshot of your company in a neatly packaged message on the social site. Website Cards can be either free (and shown to only those who follow you) or they can be promoted through an ad campaign.

Twitter small business marketing manager Brendan Zhang, who led the webinar, says the Website Cards drive viewers to a call-to-action: whether it links them to your website, a specific product or service, or signs them up for your newsletter.

“The Website Card gives them a great and easy way to find out about your business. Website Cards turn tweets into a creative showcase of your website,” Zhang said.

Though businesses can build a Website Card absolutely free, you’ll still need to create it within your Twitter Ads account, said Zhang. On the dashboard, navigate to the Creatives menu and select Cards. Once there, select a Website Card and begin building.

twitter website cards

A Website Card contains an image (preferably 800×320 pixels), a brief message, a website link, and a call-to-action button. Zhang says there are currently between 15 and 20 pre-set call-to-action buttons available. Currently, they can’t be customized.

“Website Cards are used more to drive traffic to a website or form, or a call to action, like purchasing a product or service,” Zhang explained

Businesses shouldn’t use Website Cards in an attempt to increase followers. And before a business begins paying for promoted Website Cards, Zhang suggests experimenting with the options on unpaid cards. By doing this, you’ll get a chance to see what resonates with your followers. And then you can begin investing in sponsored Website Cards.

twitter website cards

One reason Zhang says that small businesses should consider promoted Website Cards is the increased engagement with companies. During the webinar, he noted that companies that advertised using Website Cards saw 43 percent more engagement than they did with an ordinary tweet promoting their business.

Twitter isn’t the only social site boosting the ability for businesses to offer more engagement for potential clients and customers. Facebook recently added the aptly named Facebook Call to Action button to its own Facebook business pages. The feature is a means of driving visitors to your website, a product page, or to sign up for an email newsletter.

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