20 Weird Coffee Mugs to Inspire You and Brighten Your Day

weird coffee mugs

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You use your coffee mug every day, so why not go for one that is personal and inspiring? Take a look at this list of weird coffee mugs the likes of which your co-workers probably haven’t seen before. They will definitely be a conversation starter at home or at the office when you pour a cup of joe.

Ink Black Coffee Mug

weird coffee mugs

It’s an adorable pink sea creature and it’s serving up a delicious beverage. This Ink Black Coffee Mug available from ModCloth is a little over the top but does offer a certain charm. Quirky elements like it’s tentacle handle and suction cups add fun to the morning brew.

I Believe in Bigfoot Funny Sasquatch Mug

weird coffee mugs

Stainless steel and a spill-proof lid are not all this I Believe in Big Foot Funny Sasquatch Mug by designer NetSpeak at Zazzle has to offer. Sporting this fun container while you sip your favorite hot beverage lets people know you believe in the mythical forest dweller.

Laboratory Beaker Mug

weird coffee mugs

Here’s one for the science lovers. The Laboratory Beaker Mug from Think Geek highlights the chemistry behind your favorite drink. The glass body with graduated markings turn your everyday mug into a beaker worthy of a laboratory.

With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility Mug

weird coffee mugs

With great beard comes great responsibility, or so this mug from TikiTee on Etsy proclaims. If you take great pride in your beard and all that it entails, then this mug with a touch of humor might be the one for you.

Recycling Bin Mug

weird coffee mugs

The Recycling Bin Mug from Big Mouth Toys satisfies the need to raise environmental awareness and satiate a caffeine addiction all at the same time. It would be hard to miss this blue novelty in the break room or on a desk. It looks just like a mini recycling bin.

Executive Decision Maker Mug

weird coffee mugs

Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. With the Executive Decision Maker Mug from Perpetual Kid, your decision making process could become a whole lot simpler. Or maybe you can just use it to figure out what to have for lunch.

Saw Through Wood Mug

weird coffee mugs

There’s nothing subtle about the Saw Through Wood Mug from Retro Planet. You’re a DIYer who’s not afraid to get your hands dirty, and this mug says so! Any handyman (or woman) can be quickly identified walking the halls with this stoneware beauty. So stand aside.

Marshmallow Smiling Faces Mug Set

weird coffee mugs

Share the fun with the Marshmallow Smiling Faces mug set from Retro Planet. It offers not one but four ridiculously cute marshmallow mugs. You can’t help but to be happy sipping a hot drink from these little darlings.

First Aid Mug

weird coffee mugs

Coffee is your life line and you make no attempt to hide that fact. This First Aid Coffee Mug from Perpetual Kid proudly proclaims your treatment of choice in case of an emergency. Don’t be surprised if you get a few chuckles from colleagues when you guzzle your coffee from this mug.

Camera Lens Mug

weird coffee mugs

It looks like a camera lens but it’s really a mug in disguise. The Camera Lens Mug from Gadgets and Gear is also a thermos so you can keep your coffee hot in style while getting the job done on the go.

Panda Mug

weird coffee mugs

Have a love for pandas? It’s hard not to smile while looking at the cute face on this Panda Mug from Perpetual Kid. Add in the matching spoon and you run the risk of getting a case of the warm fuzzies.

Sriracha Mug

weird coffee mugs

It’s a bold chili pepper red and proudly proclaims your love of the famous hot sauce. This Sriracha Mug from Think Geek will satisfy both your craving for caffeine and novelty dishware.

Burgers, Fries and Dogs Mug

weird coffee mugs

The Burgers, Fries and Dogs Mug from Retro Planet takes you back to a time that seems long past. But you can experience it again when you gaze upon your favorite comfort foods depicted against white ceramic each time you have your morning coffee.

Lobster Creature Mug

weird coffee mugs

The fun element in Lobster Creature Mug from Gadgets and Gear is revealed after you’ve taken a few sips. As you reach the bottom of the mug, this friendly lobster is revealed. You could also be a little mischievous and serve a drink to colleagues to wait and see if they notice.

Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

weird coffee mugs

We are happy to serve you! Do you recognize the design on this Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup from Uncommon Goods? For fans of the iconic New York City coffee cup, this ceramic version will last you for years to come.

Pawsitively Bemused Mug

weird coffee mugs

Here’s one for cat lovers. The Pawsitively Bemused Mug from ModCloth is a fun take on the classic cat mug motif. Only now, instead of a cat face, you can sip your coffee from a black paw complete with adorable pink pads.

Bicycle Mug Set

weird coffee mugs

Do you love your two wheeled vehicle? Why not celebrate that passion with this Bicycle Mug Set from World Market. While they may not be the wildest on our list, they could add a fun pop of color as you share a morning cup with colleagues.

Nut Handle Tea Cups

weird coffee mugs

Here’s a choice for the mechanically minded. These Nut Handle Tea Cups from Uncommon Goods definitely have a rugged industrial edge. The stoneware body features handles with copper fittings for a look that comes straight from the garage. And Oil Can Teapot is also part of the set.

Toy Robot Mug

weird coffee mugs

For a touch of whimsy in the office, the Toy Robot Mug from Retro Planet is filled with nostalgia. An array of vintage toy robots cover this mug and beam with personality. It’s just plain fun!

Hot Rod Heated Mug

weird coffee mugs

The Hot Rod Heated Mug from Think Geek has it all for hot rod enthusiasts or those seeking a bit of extra attention. Sleek red finish, analog temperature gauge, and chrome touches are all part of the design. But the best feature of all may be the ability to plug into your car’s 12v outlet and keep your favorite beverage piping hot.

Just because you’re good at getting the job done doesn’t mean you have to be completely serious while doing it. Adding a little fun to your day can be as easy as sporting a quirky coffee mug. It’s a little thing, that can make a big difference at the office.

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