WixMusic Lets Musicians Set the Tempo for Their Brand


Wix is hoping to hit the high note with independent musicians on its latest offering.

Saying that indie musicians are under-served in being provided a competent Web platform to share and sell their music, Wix has introduced WixMusic.

This new specialty platform allows musicians to upload their recorded music directly to their new Wix site and sell it immediately. Wix says it has created specialty site themes targeted at musicians. And because mobile devices are often used to stream music, the new WixMusic sites are optimized for those devices, too.

Wix hopes the new platform will appeal to independent bands, DJs, music producers, studios, singers, songwriters and musicians.

In an official announcement of the new platform March 31, Wix Co-Founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami, says:

“WixMusic is the latest verticalized solution added to the Wix platform, further executing our goal to provide comprehensive ways for anyone, including musicians, to build, manage and grow a business or brand online.

“Musicians want to focus on their music, not code websites, or piece together the tools they need. That’s why we created a complete and commission-free solution, letting this unique professional audience create an online presence that encapsulates their sound.”

And perhaps most important to indie musicians, Wix takes no commission on the sale of their music.

Check out the Wix video introducing the service, highlighting how one band takes advantage of WixMusic:

Add this to an array of services already by Wix, best known for its drag-and-drop Web construction platform. Thousands of businesses have taken advantage of Wix’s relatively easy-to-use site building app to create a ready-to-go eCommerce platform, the company says.

Now, that can include musicians with WixMusic.

That’s not to say that musicians should pull a Taylor Swift and yank their music off other popular, albeit crowded, streaming services, but having a ready-made eCommerce site allows musicians to grow their brand and build their own identity.

The WixMusic platform also allows musicians and bands to market themselves as a brand, too. The platform allows groups to sell their own branded merchandise.

Bands using new platform can also create an email newsletter to stay in contact with their fans.

Wix includes tracking and metrics that musicians can use to monitor their site’s successes or shortcomings. That includes determining how recipients of an email newsletter responded to it.

This new platform will be gradually introduced, according to a Wix statement, and eventually available to all users soon.

Image: Wix.com


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  1. Catering to a particular market may be a good move for all these website developer sites. Let’s see how far this will take Wix.

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