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14 Keys For Creating Your Business Success Story

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Everyone’s career and business story is being written in real time and evolving in different ways.

I have seen amazing resilience, inspiring creativity, clever trends and innovation mostly driven by all the generations in the workplace but especially the looming Gen Y [1] and Gen X, still Boomers, but watch out for the up and coming GenZ [1].

From desktop to mobile, laptops to tablets, email to text, and 24/7 real-time communications and access, all the generations still in the workplace continue to be living in a technological and social marketing revolution.

We continue to be in a pivotal time for using, harnessing and leveraging everything that we now have to create, communicate and move content and information. Sales and marketing are now married to technology and social media marketing in a way it never has been before.

Brian Solis [2] is a voice for our new media generation. Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging media on business, marketing, and culture. His book, “The End of Business as Usual [3],” explores the emergence of Generation C, a new generation of customers and how businesses must adapt to communicate and reach them.

He has written “The Little Blue Book of Social Transformation [4],” It is an essential guide for executives, which can help all of us continue our personal and professional transformation in the age of content creation, social media and engagement.

These Themes Impact Career and Business Success Today and Moving Forward:

14 Common Sense Keys That Will Help You Create Your Career and Business Success Story

Sometimes we need to be reminded of how important simple, common sense things can be and that they are right under our noses.

  1. Be exceptionally professional and relevant.
  2. Initiate solutions and solve problems.
  3. Care about others, so they will want to care about you.
  4. Use your smile, sense of humor and personality more.
  5. Be authentic, real and get more personal with people.
  6. Step up in person and online networking to grow connections and relationships.
  7. Serve and help first, sell later.
  8. Persevere and work through tough times.
  9. Always have hope and develop optimism.
  10. Sense and know when it’s time to change and change.
  11. Let go of any and all old ideas that don’t apply to today’s best practices and real world. (They will only hold you back.)
  12. Don’t fight where things are now and do not procrastinate on making essential changes in your personal life,  marketing and business.
  13. Always be in “skill up” and “learn new” mode on everything that applies to your career and business advancement and success.
  14. Seek out new people, ideas and approaches and be open-minded to taking some calculated thoughtful  risks. (It’s actually quite exciting.)

Things will drop in your path that are put there by design to assist your process. Look for them, expect them, use them, act on them.

Don’t be like Haw, in Who Moved My Cheese [5] and be complaining and waiting for things to change back or just show up. Be more like Sniff and Scurry, who went out daily looking for where the cheese was and found it.

Our present and future have so much potential and promise for all of us to be happy and wildly successful, but we have to do the work and make that happen.

There is an air of anxious anticipation and excitement for enjoying the rewards that come from perseverance we have all had to have. It’s an exciting time for us to finally be growing rather than recovering. We are enjoying the rewards of good energy, right action, productive activity and the enjoyment of doing something we want to be doing.

When you celebrate you and continue to create and live your career and business story, the right outcome and people just always seem to find each other and fall into place.

Carpe Diem.

Keys [6] Photo via Shutterstock