Amazon Cloud Storage is Unlimited but Budget Friendly

Amazon Cloud Storage

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Amazon’s new unlimited storage plan is raising the bar for competitive pricing, — or is that lowering the bar? However you look at it, there’s no denying the company’s new plan comes in super cheap. Other services may want to make an effort to keep up.

So how cheap are we talking? Amazon is now offering unlimited storage on its Cloud Drive for just $60 a year. That’s only $5 a month. The company is calling this the Unlimited Everything plan. Compare this price to other similar services that charge per month, some of which are not even offering unlimited cloud storage, and you will notice a sizeable gap.

Google Drive offers unlimited cloud storage but at $10 a month. That’s double what Amazon is offering. Dropbox is similar, offering unlimited storage but at an even higher price of $15 a month.

There are cheaper plans with less storage offered by iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive. However, neither service offers unlimited storage and their largest plans are still more expensive than the new Amazon package. Pricing for iCloud ranges from a free 5GB plan to $20 a month for 1TB. Microsoft OneDrive also has a 1TB cap but at a cheaper $7 a month.

In addition to Unlimited Everything, Amazon is also offering an Unlimited Photos plan. For $12 a year, users can have access to unlimited photo storage plus 5GB of storage for videos and other various files. This deal may not be quite so impressive when compared to the free 15GB of storage Microsoft OneDrive offers. But still, the unlimited photo storage may have an appeal to some users.

For those who have an Amazon Prime account, you already have unlimited photo storage plus those 5GB of additional storage. Amazon has stated on its website this service will continue and Prime members will not have to start paying extra for it. For anyone else interested in trying out either of Amazon’s new storage plans, the company is offering 3-month free trials of each.

Even with the lowest prices around, not everyone will want to use Amazon Cloud Drive to store their photos and documents. Some don’t care for Amazon’s interface and others may not find the draw of lower prices enough incentive to move over all their files. Still, Amazon’s new rock bottom unlimited storage prices are a game changer.

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  1. This may just be the next generation of cloud storage. Unlimited and cheap at the same time.

  2. Wow.. They’re pushing the boat out here.. First hotel bookings, then drone deliveries and now unlimited storage.. Way to set the bar Amazon!!

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