Simple, Branded Websites From 99Designs and Jimdo


It can be tough on small business owners to match the resources of larger more established companies when establishing a powerfully branded website.

Creating a branded online presence requires you to worry about a variety of details including Web design, hosting, graphic design and more. And all this must be done while trying to focus on your core products and services.

One Stop Solution

Crowdsourced design service 99designs and Web design service Jimdo are hoping to appeal to small business owners seeking a simple one stop solution.

The companies recently announced a new logo and hosted website service aimed at the small business market.

As might be expected from the two companies, the service is a merging of both services in one package. Designers compete on creation of your logo to be placed on a custom-designed website just for your business.

99designs President and CEO Patrick Llewellyn says a strong logo can be critical. In a statement announcing the partnership with Jimdo, he says:

“We think great brands start with a great logo and 99designs has successfully created hundreds of thousands of logos for businesses and entrepreneurs globally. As we’ve grown and evolved, so have our customers’ needs. Now, with the addition of Jimdo, businesses can extend the essence of the brand captured in their logo to their hosted website.”

This service starts at $499 and includes a website and logo, a year of Web hosting and a custom domain name. But there are also other features, as the page describing the new package explains.

What You Get

First, fill out a questionnaire explaining your business and what you would like to see in a logo.

Next select a design package. Packages vary in cost based on the number of designers competing to create your logo.

There are four packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The better the metal, the more designers will be competing to create the final result.

Once the package is paid for and the questionnaire is completed, 99designs contacts its community of designers. The company says it has more than 996,000 designers on which to call for help.

Once the designers have completed their work, the logos are uploaded to a 99designs account for each business. There, business owners can give feedback on logos they like, dislike, or believe need more work.

Businesses have a week to pick a winning logo. That’s when Jimdo gets busy creating a custom-designed website that is tied to the initial design.

Making Things Easy

Jimdo says the website created for businesses is simple to update. The goal is to make it easy for small businesses to get a distinctive logo and website of their own.

Jimdo co-founder Christian Springub says:

“This package also allows businesses to manage and edit their website even after the logo design contest is over, without requiring any special skills. Businesses need a strong brand and a strong website presence to succeed and this new partnership will provide that quickly, easily and affordably. Jimdo and 99designs were both founded to help small businesses create and grow and this logo and website package is only the beginning.”

Image: 99designs

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