Google for Retail is Now Ready for Business

google for retail

google for retail

For a small business, it can be intimidating trying to compete with larger companies. Since your brand isn’t as recognizable as others, it can be easy to get lost.

That’s why Google is furthering its efforts to help small businesses attract new customers online with the launch of Google for Retail.

In a recent post announcing the new service on the official Google Inside Adwords Blog, Google Product Marketing Manager Kim Doan explains:

“Whether you’re an ecommerce business or a multi-channel business, the new Google for Retail offers a one-stop hub to learn more about Google’s solutions for retailers of all sizes.”

Google for Retail is essentially a resource center to help businesses make the most of Google’s retail tools. Google for Retail can help business owners learn how to upload their advertising inventory. It can help them manage their products, advertise local inventory and become a trusted Google store. It can help them effectively use Google AdSense and more.

The new hub is a place to find other Google products like Google Shopping. It’s a comprehensive way to create campaigns for your products and services both on Google and across the Web. That’s a way to help your customers find you easily.

Google Shopping helps small businesses grab a customer’s attention by relying on product images rather than just brand names. The service has been around for a while and is already popular with online retailers.

Chris Wu is CEO and co-founder of Paper Culture. The company is an online retailer specializing in graduation cards, baby shower invitations, and many other items you might once have bought at a brick and mortar card shop. Speaking about Google Shopping on the recent blog post announcing Google for Retail, Wu said:

“One of the toughest challenges for us as a small business is that we don’t have the brand of our larger competitors … Google Shopping helps us tell our story through showing searchers our unique product designs, right on Google search.”

In addition to the launch of Google for Retail, the company is also introducing a new Shopping Campaigns page. Shopping Campaigns is geared at small businesses to help them get started on Google Shopping and make the most of what the service has to offer.

Small business owners will be able to find product reviews, tutorial videos, success stories, and help resources for Google’s myriad retail tools.

Google for Retail could help small businesses make the most of the tools and features offered by Google Shopping. Your great products combined with Google’s reach could bring in customers worldwide.

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  1. I guess Google finally jumped into the bandwagon of e-commerce. It’s about time though. It amazes me how Google has grown from just being a search engine to providing so many features and services like they do today.