Are These Mistakes Worsening Your WiFi Using Experience?

Are These Mistakes Worsening Your WiFi Using Experience?

You have Internet connection at your house. And you have a WiFi router as well. So, you can easily expect to get the best WiFi connection in all parts of your house.

But, unfortunately, you are not getting it. The WiFi signal is pretty poor.

So, you might need to rethink your WiFi usage process completely. But before that, you need to understand where you are going wrong.

Are you making any of these mistakes while using your WiFi?

If yes, then you should immediately take proper steps to mend them to enhance your WiFi usage experience.

You are Placing the Router on the Floor

So, you have put your router on the floor. And you are not getting WiFi signals that are strong enough? This is bound to happen. This is because the WiFi signals are known to move sideways as well as downwards. So, if you are placing it on the floor, you are blocking the way through which the WiFi signal is likely to travel around your house. Hence, if you want to get the best signals from your WiFi router, you should place it at a certain height, which is at least five to seven feet above the ground level. It will improve WiFi signal reception.

You are Hiding Your Router

Are you afraid that if someone sees your router he or she might ask for it? Otherwise, there’s really no reason to hide your router. And when you hide the router, you are ensuring that its performance diminishes significantly. This is because a lot of materials are known to obstruct the WiFi signal. In fact, a number of household materials are also known to block WiFi signals. Some of these include:

  • Household electronic appliances
  • Concrete walls
  • Bluetooth devices

Even humans are known to cause interference in spreading WiFi signals. So, hiding your router might cause disturbances to the WiFi signals, thus hampering its strength. Instead, you should place it in the open space. Remember, the cabinet is never the right place to put your WiFi router.

Placing the Router Beside a Jar of Water

You have got a fish tank in your house. You have placed it on a table. And you are placing the WiFi router on the same table, just beside the fish tank. And now, you find that the WiFi signals are quite poor and you don’t have access to the Internet from all corners of the house. This is quite natural and you might have to face it if you place the WiFi router close to a large jar of water as well. No, the fish aren’t the main culprit here. In fact, water is. WiFi signals are known to be obstructed by the reflection caused by water. So, it’s better not to put the WiFi router close to any container of water.

Putting the Router Just By the Side of an Electronic Device

These days, it’s quite obvious that you will have a number of electronic devices in your house.

But did you know that they might play a major role in making your WiFi using experience worse? Most of these instruments cause interference for WiFi signals. So, the strength of the signal is compromised. It might even be obstructed by these appliances. This problem increases when you place the router close to your television or the microwave, cordless phones, or any other electronic instrument.

So, to ensure that this does not happen, keep the WiFi router at a safe distance from this equipment, so that it can’t cause disturbances in the flow of the WiFi signal around your home.

Keeping the Router Just Beside the Window

It really feels great if you can sit by the window, which overlooks the garden, while working. It can be a great idea to enjoy the scene outside and work at the same time. Are you placing the router there, too? It is never the right thing to place the router beside the window. Of course, you don’t want people outside or on the roads to use the WiFi signals from your router. When you are placing the router right besides your window, almost half of the WiFi signals are going out of your house. So, that’s half the signal that is remaining unused. This leaves you with just the other half, which is quite less compared to your needs. So, you are going to have a poor performance in terms of WiFi connectivity.

A Corner Isn’t the Right Place

A WiFi signal needs to spread throughout the house. Only then you can expect to get Internet connectivity from all corners of the house. But you are placing the WiFi router at one corner of the house. So, it loses the capability of spreading the WiFi signals around on all sides. The concrete wall on one or two sides of the router causes obstruction and the signal is not transferred. This hampers the WiFi usage experience. However, you can place the router at a central location to ensure that you can use strong WiFi signals throughout your house.

It is important to know the right ways of using WiFi. Otherwise, you might unknowingly be making mistakes that are going to hamper your WiFi usage experience to a great extent.

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Steven Scheck Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of WiFi networks for the multifamily, hospitality and healthcare industries. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.

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  1. All good advice. You’ve got to think of the waves emitting from the router and think about how many things are getting in the way of those waves.