10 Online Marketing Tips That Go Beyond Twitter and Facebook

10 Online Marketing Tips That Go Beyond Twitter and Facebook

Social media can be invaluable to a variety of online businesses. But Twitter and Facebook aren’t the only online platforms for promoting your business. More traditional methods like blogs and email marketing can still be effective. And newer methods like live video streaming can also be applicable to some online marketing strategies. Read some tips for using these other online marketing methods in this week’s Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

Add These Strategies to Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Sell Your Business

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Discover the Zoho Ecosystem

The popularity of social media marketing has increased greatly over the last several years. And, as such, some marketers have stopped focusing on email marketing. But it can still be a very effective technique for communicating with prospects and customers. Here, Ramon Ray shares five strategies you can use to improve your email marketing campaigns.

Look Into New Tools like Meerkat and Periscope


Aside from the most popular social channels, there are lots of new and exciting mobile and social platforms that could be beneficial for some businesses. Rachel Parker discusses a couple of those new tools, mobile video streaming platforms Meerkat and Periscope, in this post. BizSugar members also share thoughts about the post.

Share Your Blog Posts on Platforms Other Than Facebook and Twitter

(Search Engine Journal)

Small Business Deals

Most bloggers know the power and reach of large social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. But there are plenty of other online platforms out there that bloggers can use to reach out to potential readers. This post by Sujan Patel includes 15 of them.

Understand Your Blog Analytics

(Paradigm Shift SEO)

In order to grow your blog following, you have to understand where your current traffic is coming from and what your most popular content is. So blog analytics are pretty necessary, according to this post by Lisa W Boyle. The BizSugar community discusses the post further.

Learn These Essentials About Search Engine Marketing

(Marketing Land)

Search engine marketing is constantly changing. But there are a few essential things you should know in order for your online marketing campaigns to be effective. In this post, Scott Rayden shares seven things CMOs should know about search engine marketing.

Benefit From Cloud Technology


Cloud technology has made a huge impact on many different aspects of running a business, from marketing to securing business data. Rieva Lesonsky shares some benefits of using cloud technology in this post. And BizSugar members share their thoughts too.

Pay Attention to the Messages Your Content is Sending

(Cursive Content Marketing Blog)

Whether you’re writing a blog, crafting an email newsletter, or creating other types of online content, you need to be aware of the messages you’re sending. This doesn’t just mean knowing the subject matter you’re discussing. There are certain aspects of your content that might send negative subliminal messages to your audience, as Emily Cretella shares here.

Blog About Almost Anything

(Lindsay Pevny)

Having a blog can still be incredibly beneficial for your business. There are certain industries that more easily lend themselves to great online content. But anyone who can find a unique voice can potentially benefit from having a business blog, says Lindsay Pevny. BizSugar members also share input on the subject.

Be Wary of Clickbait


Clickbait, or online posts with flashy headlines, can certainly drive traffic to your site. But most readers aren’t fans of exaggerated and only somewhat true headlines that don’t really deliver with great content. Jenna Inouye discusses clickbait and explains how you can avoid angering your readers.

Get More People Reading Your Business Blog


When you first start a business blog, it can seem like your parents or close friends are the only ones who ever read it. But there are plenty of ways you can work to attract new readers, from social media to guest posting and more. Lisa Furgison shares some of those methods here. BizSugar members then comment on the post.

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Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. Annie, thanks for sharing this resources, I learn a lot from Scott about the search engine marketing, and about the other online platform, I would definitely choose Instagram as one of the platform I can’t miss to share my message out using high quality visual content!

  2. Having a blog just makes sense. Unlike paying for ads, any investment in blogging is lasting – especially when you have a good archive of evergreen topics that people will always want to read about. It’s so much easier to make the most of using social media when you have your own content to post, too.

    Thanks for referencing my post!

  3. Great resources Annie!

    I think email marketing should still be considered to be a great tool I think it’s often overlooked because it’s not the freshest idea on the block anymore. I think that with anything it’s vital that there has to be a clear marketing strategy behind what you are trying to achieve.

    I have to say that understanding your blog analytics is a fundamental element to any marketing strategy. This will not only help you to understand your best pieces of content, but put another way it will also allow you to identify and understand your target audience and what they are interested in.

    • Hi Alex, I agree with all your points. The newest tools are not necessarily always the ones that make the most sense for every business. And email marketing and blog analytics certainly seem to be widely useful to different businesses.

  4. Hello Annie, thanks for the great info! I often catch myself primarily focusing on Twitter and Facebook when it comes to marketing my SEO & Web Design business on social media. I often look to many different websites for blogging topics, but I was hoping to find some insight from somewhere new. If anybody can help, let me know your best strategies!

    • I think Facebook and Twitter are such prominent tools for a reason, but it’s nice to consider some of the newer offerings or old stand-by’s sometimes too. As far as blogging topics, I think social media can be a great resource. And just reading/following a lot of different business blogs (including those linked in the post) can be great for drawing inspiration too.

  5. Jennifer Epstein

    Great post Annie, thank you! I think that one element that underpins all these great online tactics is a solid strategic segmentation of your market. After all, you need to know what’s the most engaging and relevant content for your audience, which channels to promote the content through, who the most relevant influencers are that you can leverage, etc. By segmenting your market first and then prioritizing only the most attractive/lucrative customer groups (e.g., based on size, growth rates, competitive density, profitability, etc) you can get a sense for all these strategic elements. Then you can launch a blog with the most relevant content and messaging. For example, a business focusing on attracting ‘first-time young mothers’ will have a completely different online marketing strategy than a business who’s focused on ‘affluent retired couples’… Segmentation allows you to select the target segment first, followed by the amazing suggestions you’ve discussed above.

    • Jennifer, thanks so much! I completely agree with your conclusions. There will be different tools and methods that work best for different businesses. But doing the work to find out where your target market is and what they’re interested in is absolutely essential.

  6. Informative post. it will helpful to optimize my facebook page.

  7. Hi Annie,
    Thanks for information about Clickbait, I had no idea about it before. Particularly interesting techniques on how not to anger potential leads. Also a focusing on Twitter and Facebook are my marketing problem. Always forget about other traffic channels.

  8. Excellent material, I learned a great deal and will be implementing a lot of it, thank you and I will be subscribing to your newsletter!

  9. Great post! A lot of excellent ideas here.

  10. Great Annie, nice tips. All here are best strategies and to be considered while doing Online marketing. Few of them are new to me, i have bookmarked this page to learn briefly.

    Keep on posting!!!!!

  11. One of the main purpose of Online Marketing developing by the twitter and facebook to share with the videos , images and post can be shared by the that applications. The Online Marketing it’s for shared by the search engine optimization for the most applications linked by the facebook and twitter.

  12. SEO services available at cheap cost on monthly basis, but take time to get huge ROI. Do organic Social media Marketing. Paid Social media marketing and via PPC is costly, So, in my opinion SEO is one of the suitable marketing mechanism for small and medium business owners.

  13. Really useful article, as a photographer in Spain, I have been looking for insights into how to improve my website SEO – thanks!