Pinch! A Tiny Multi-Tool Boasts Over 11 Functions

pinch multi tool

So small you may forget it’s there, yet packed with purpose, the Pinch multi-tool can lend a hand if you find the need to make a quick fix.

Yet, coming in at an inch and a half long and a half-inch wide, it can sit on your keyring and not get in the way until you need it.

Pinch boasts more than 11 different functions in under two inches. The small metal tool contains a mini pry bar, bottle opener, hex wrench, wire stripper, nail puller, 1” mini ruler, 1” mini scraper, hex bit holder, and two flat screw drivers measuring 4mm and 6mm.

Phew! That’s a long list.

The diminutive Pinch multi-tool comes in several options. It is constructed out of sturdy titanium or the less expensive stainless steel. You can also choose between U.S. standard and metric measures depending on what system you use regularly. There are also plans to possibly release matte black and antique copper finish options.

Pinch is not the first multi-tool to be dreamed up by its creator, Jeff Morin. Morin is an entrepreneur with several companies already under his belt. According to Morin’s website he started his first company while serving active duty in the Marine Corps.

This first company, Coins For Anything, makes custom-made collectible coins customers can design and order in bulk.

With the success of his first endeavors and having gained knowledge on metal manipulation, Morin decided to try his hand at creating multi-tools. Morin told CBS News:

“We are disciplined about staying in our lane, and we weren’t in the multi-tool business… I felt we could expand there, but needed a way to see if the market agreed with me, without diverting resources from our main business.”

Morin’s solution was to give crowdfunding a try and has since completed seven fully-funded Kickstarter campaigns for various multi-tools such as the Knuckler, Mantis and Cricket, and Fidelis.

It seems Morin is not one to change a system that works because the entrepreneur has taken to Kickstarter again to launch Pinch. Like the previous campaigns before, Morin quickly surpassed his funding goal and has raised close to $30,000.

For those interested in pre-ordering the Pinch multi-tool, the early bird pricing for the stainless steel model comes in at $19, titanium will cost you $24. You can also view more of Morin’s products here.

Image: Jeff Morin/Kickstarter

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