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Twitter Chat Looks at EMV Chip Card Revolution

EMV Chip Card

EMV chip cards are coming as a replacement for traditional magnetic strip cards.

What does this mean for your business? Well, for one thing, it means your customers will soon be presenting a different kind of card of payment

Will you be ready?

In a recent Twitter chat, First Data @FirstData [1], a payments technology provider, offers the community some suggestions for getting your company ready to except EMV payments.

Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell @Smallbiztrends [2] moderates “EMV 101: What You Need to Know About Chip Cards” and members of the community ask some questions. You’ll also learn about the benefits of the new technology for protection against fraud — and the dangers of not adopting it for your customers’ convenience. See excerpts of the chat below or view the full Twitter chat at #EMVTalk [3]

So what exactly do small businesses need to know about accepting these new cards?

Think the EMV chip card revolution won’t affect your small business? Ah, think again. As Data First reminded the recent chat audience:

See? Of course, this explanation only raised more questions:

Are EMVs for everyone, or just for a specialized niche?

Still, EMVs aren’t a magic bullet. Thy cannot protect against every kind of fraud.

Want to learn more about EMVs and how they work? See the infographic from First Data telling you more:

First Data EMV security infogrpahic


Infographic: How Tokenization Protects Consumers, by First Data [25].

Disclosure: Anita Campbell has been compensated to participate in this Twitter chat.

Photo via Shutterstock [26]