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website copy mistakes

These 6 Online Screw Ups Are Driving Away Your Prospects

You wouldn't believe some of the things that could be hurting your online business. Or then again, maybe you would. Most of these factors are easily avoidable. But business must take steps to recognize the problems and deal with them.

taboo product

Taboo Topic? Communicate Through Infographics

What happens when the product or service you're marketing is an item not easily discussed in some circles? Imagine your job is to market something people are uncomfortable talking about -- like STD tests or adult diapers, for example. Here's an approach to consider.

Verisign Hosts One of Two Upcoming Contests

Verisign Hosts One of Two Upcoming Contests

Win big in two contests coming up this month. First, there's a contest from Verisign. But there's also a chance to win a Samsung Digital Signage TV from Small Business Trends. Learn more about the these and upcoming business events here.

Master Email Marketing, Instagram Hashtags and More

Master Email Marketing, Instagram Hashtags and More

From email to Instagram and beyond, marketing is changing for small businesses in the digital age. And those changes are impacting how effectively you can target your customers. Here are some thoughts to consider.

ugly sweater

Tipsy Elves Stumbles Out of Ugly Sweater Niche

Tipsy Elves has capitalized on the ugly Christmas sweater fashion trend. But rather than limit its potential income to the holiday season, the company has expanded its line to offer more than just sweaters.

good delegator

Are You a Good Delegator?

How are you at delegating tasks related to your small business? A recent Gallup poll found out just how good or bad businesses are at delegating important responsibilities.

alibaba trade assurance

Alibaba Backs Businesses Purchasing Inventory from China

If your small business is considering a purchase from a Chinese supplier through eCommerce giant Alibaba, a new trade assurance program may offer some further guarantee that the products you buy will be quality or that you will be compensated accordingly.

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