Juice Your Apple Devices with this Fun Juice Box Charger

juice box charger

What’s the best way to give your iPhone some battery life? With the 100 percent Energy Apple Juice Power Pack, of course.

Apple Juice Power Pack juice box charger

This compact backup battery pack is a charming and playful way to charge your USB-powered devices.

Created by and sold on Photojojo!, it is designed to look like an apple juice box, making it the perfect accessory for your Apple gadgets.

Apple Juice Power Pack juice box charger

The product description for the 100 percent Energy Apple Juice Power Pack reads:

“As your phone slowly drifts off after a busy day, plug it in with your charging cable and get back to business. Each box contains 2-3 full servings (a.k.a. full charges) of phone juice. Next time your battery decides to throw a low-battery temper tantrum give it a hug and a juice box.”

Apple Juice Power Pack juice box charger

Grab your juice box and get charging!


Images: Photojojo

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  1. Fun packaging. I have a couple of small emergency chargers myself and I must admit they aren’t packaged so cleverly.