How to be More Productive: Build Your Biz on the Cloud

How to be more productive

A recent chat on small business productivity looked at cloud services among other options as a way to create a more dynamic company. The chat also included general suggestions on how to be more productive.

Moderated by Small Business Trends founder and CEO Anita Campbell (@SmallBizTrends) and Smart Hustle Magazine publisher Ramon Ray (@RamonRay), the chat featured plenty of participation. There were also many discussions on using technology to improve productivity including this tweet from Ray.

Microsoft representatives and members of the Microsoft community were also on hand to discuss how small businesses could shrink costs and improve capabilities through the cloud.  

Tips on Being More Productive

The chat got started with a discussion, prompted by a question from Ray, about what tips participants could offer to boost productivity.  

Small Business Deals

More About Microsoft Azure

During a discussion on cloud solutions as one option for improving productivity, here’s a brief explanation of Microsoft Azure by those who know.

How the Cloud can Improve Your Business

The cloud can better your business in a variety of ways, beginning with lowering costs. Check out this exchange for more specifics from chat participants.

Small Businesses are Becoming Early Adopters

Small businesses are quickly adapting to cloud technology, probably because they have the most to gain. These tools add significantly to their capabilities without the need for big investment.

How Secure is Your Data in the Cloud?

Security of data is often a worry expressed by businesses when considering a cloud option. But consider the alternatives of your valuable data stored only on a local server — or worse yet, on your laptop!

How to get Started

Maybe you’ve made up your mind that the cloud is a good fit for your business. But the services and option can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, there is plenty of information available.

Hear what other options exist to create a more dynamic business? Follow the rest of the Twitter chat at #MSFTBizTips

At the time of the chat and creation of this article, Anita Campbell is participating in the Microsoft Small Business Ambassador Program.

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  1. I enjoyed the chat very much! I look forward to become more productive by using cloud services for my business activities, on a more regular basis.

  2. One of the things I love about the cloud is ease of access. You can have a team access a set of documents and regularly update them for the benefit of the company.

  3. To become productive is to be able to attain the least quantity of resources to create goods or services relative to others.