ReTargeter Creator Aims to Replace CRM with New Immediately App

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Arjun Arora, creator of ReTargeter, which presents highly targeted ads to consumers, moved on quickly after selling his six-year-old startup this past March. And now a new app called Immediately is his new gig.

The Immediately app is designed to integrate deeply with Gmail and Salesforce to help salespeople better manage their workflow. It does so by providing the ability to monitor leads and log phone calls. It also notifies users when recipients open emails, among other things.

The startup is located at 2 Mint Plaza in San Francisco.

“I joined as a late co-founder,” Arora told Small Business Trends in an exclusive interview.

He first met co-founders CTO James Mock and CEO Branko Cerny in October 2013 when the two were just starting out.

“Two brilliant young first-time founders had gotten the company to a great place and it made sense for me to join and help take the company to a new level,” he said. “When I was ready to get back into operating I happened to reconnect and it all made sense.”

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Replacing CRM?

Mock and Branko initially focused their efforts on an email organizer app but later decided to focus specifically on sales with Immediately. The platform aims for nothing less than to replace the CRM concept with a mobile program that is “data-driven” and “highly automated.”

It’s deeply invested in “becoming the one product that a sales rep wants to use day in and day out,” Arora noted on Immediately’s website.

Noting that more than 70 percent of lost deals happen due to slow reaction time, the program aims to fix that by freeing up salespeople to focus more on the selling process itself.

The Immediately app has gotten kudos from the likes of Peter Kazanjy, Monster’s Vice President of Products and Technology, who said:

“Two things are important in sales: activity and timing. Immediately gives you both. The ability to react in real time to a prospect with a logged call or a templated, instrumented email is game changing.”

The Immediately app has also gotten funding. Cofounder Cerny told TechCrunch that Immediately had raised $2 million in funding and was working with pilot customers, including Tapsense, UserVoice, NatureBox, Spark Central, New Relic and ZenPayroll.

Immediately’s investors include Streamlined Ventures, Maiden Lane, Galvanize VC, Queensbridge, Friendster and Nuzzel founder Jonathan Abrams, TalentBin co-founder Peter Kazanjy, EdgeSpring co-founder Ryan Lange, and HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes.

Before Immediately

Arora’s earlier company ReTargeter was purchased  for an undisclosed price in late March by Sellpoints, which distributes media content for manufacturers.

“It started as a business partnership and turned into an acquisition,” Arora told Small Business Trends. “It started as a solution that their clients could use and to help them win more business and then turn it into an acquisition.”

The acquisition benefits SellPoints by enabling it to combine its massive collection of consumer data with ReTargeter’s ad network to bolster and expand efforts to reach online shoppers.

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Ed Lieber Ed Lieber is a staff writer for Small Business Trends. He is a journalist and marketing copywriter with 20 years of experience writing, editing and managing for print and digital vehicles.

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  1. I think it is good for tracking those e-mails and responding to calls in a timely manner. Of course, it helps if you have employees who are ready to use the tool.

  2. Smart step by Arjun here. This type of product is a perfect acquisition target for a company like Salesforce, InsideSales or even LinkedIn (who is doing a lot more on their lead gen offering) and will provide a great payday.

  3. It’s a bit of a clickbait title, as it isn’t actually eliminating CRM but adding greater functionality and automation to it. It sounds interesting and seems to be a great add-on the Salesforce.