Imbue Tea Infuser Brews Using Magnets

Imbue tea magnetic tea infuser

Many tea drinkers will tell you that for superior flavor, the best option is loose leaf tea.

Unfortunately, the drawback to using loose leaf is the mess involved with brewing it. This is especially true if you are away from home.

But a group of Western Washington University students have created a product they believe will make brewing loose leaf tea on the go easy and mess free.

The group has dubbed their creation Imbue, the magnetic tea infusing vessel. It’s a travel mug crafted from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass with a magnetic bamboo lid and stainless steel strainer. The magnetic Imbue tea infuser also comes with a removable natural fabric sleeve with a no-slip suede lining

The group claims the stainless steel strainer magnetically connects to the lid with ease. No need to twist the infuser into place or fumble with clamps. Once the strainer is in place, tea is brewed by flipping Imbue upside down.

After an initial small production run that sold out at the first showing, the group has decided to go big and start production on a large scale. To get things going, Imbue is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The campaign met its goal the first day and has now raised more than $154,000 in pledges.

For more information on Imbue check out the Kickstarter video below.

According to the Imbue Kickstarter page, money raised will go to more than just production:

“Our Kickstarter campaign will not only enable us to produce the highest quality product possible, but also help support the WWU student chapter of IDSA, Industrial Design Society of America. IDSA provides opportunities by putting on design events, educating students with guest speakers, and arranging job shadows with different design firms around the country.”

Instead of going an entirely different route, the team behind the Imbue tea infuser seeks to simplify and refine the infusion method. The infuser’s combination of glass, wood, and stainless steel adds to Imbue’s appeal, particularly with the trendy coffee shop crowd.

While the trendy and aesthetic design makes Imbue desirable to look at, it’s the magnetic lid that lends the Imbue tea infuser its functionality. It’s an innovative design that could cut down on the mess and frustrations of brewing loose leaf tea.

Currently, you can pre-order the Imbue tea infuser for $29. That’s not a bad price for a product like this on Kickstarter. There is no expected shipping date listed on the Imbue campaign page, though.

Image: Imbue

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  1. I can totally relate with the mess. Loose leaf tea will always have these little pieces at the bottom of your cup that looks like dust pieces. I do agree that it tastes good. It is just hard and messy to brew.

    I think that this is a good product for I think that tea drinkers are now growing all over the world. People are now more conscious about their health than ever before.

  2. Another Kickstarter success story. Great idea!

    • @Robert Brady…unfortunately not! ….one year on and kickstarter backers are still waiting! Backers were told in the campaign video that production was “locked in”. Delivery set for Oct’15, then Dec’15, then April’16. Backers were told full production began in Feb – yet still nothing. then March update had production complete within 60 days, then a few days shy of the deadline, another 45 days. Despite numerous requests for production photos – nothing. The creators behind this campaign ignore all requests for info and updates – absolutely no communication at all! There’s been over a thousand comments on the KS page of which likely over 90% being negative comments and feedback! This KS campaign should be used as an example of how NOT to run a KS campaign.

  3. Martin Lindeskog


    As a tea enthusiast, I like the idea of this new product. I am an affiliate of a similar product (LibreTea). I will back this Kickstarter campaign.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. This project has turned into how not to launch a business. Over a year late they finally started sending out the products only to start receiving the reports that they malfunction, leaking hot water over the users and causing burns. Now the company is not responding to the backers inquiries, refusing to accept responsibility, and there’s a law firm that is possibly going to be taking action on their negligence.