Nimble Announces Contacts App, Offers Online Training

Nimble Announces Contacts App, Offers Online Training

Over the course of running a business, you’ll likely create a huge list of contacts. Keeping those contacts organized and updated can make a huge difference in the success of your business relationships. This week, Nimble announced a new app that aims to help businesses do just that.

This week’s news also brought information about other business tools such as, a Web-based platform for employee training. Read about these tools and other small business related news in this week’s Small Business Trends news and information roundup.

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Business Tools

Nimble Smart Contacts Builds Profiles on the Fly

Nimble announced launch of its Nimble Smart Contacts app on May 6. The app is designed to automatically create live contacts and company profiles on the fly. Jon Ferrara, founder of Nimble, says small businesses aren’t keeping up-to-date with the contacts because they’re stowed away somewhere, a spreadsheet or an inbox. This app keeps your contacts with you as you’re working on the Web. Says It Can Train Your Customer Service Team, which offers Web-based employee training, enables you to create online lessons for all of your employees. With tools that enable you to build, share, and track lessons and courses, aims to provide everything needed to get your employees up and running quickly.

Mobile Marketing

Facebook Goes Deep with Links on Mobile App Install Ads

Facebook has announced some good news for developers and advertisers. The company is extending its Facebook deep linking capabilities to include mobile app install ads. This means you can now choose what information page people are sent to when they open a downloaded app for the first time.

Desktop Suffers Drastic Decline While Mobile-Only Soars

A recent report by digital analytics company comScore shows a continued decline in desktop use as mobile use continues to rise. In a post on the official comScore blog, Senior Marketing Insights Analyst Adam Lella explains: “Just a year ago, there was still nearly twice the percentage of desktop-only internet users (19.1 percent) as mobile-only users (10.8 percent).

Small Business Deals

Como Can Help You Build a Business App in 4 Simple Steps

As more and more small businesses lose market share to larger brands with more sophisticated digital platforms and infrastructures, experts are recommending that small businesses foray into the world of mobile apps. More than just the ‘next step’ in digital marketing, mobile apps have become a solution to the dynamic and evolving needs of small businesses in a mobile world.


Export Growth Falls Short of the President’s Goals

In his 2010 State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama announced the National Export Initiative, a government plan to boost American exports. Under this scheme, the federal government sought to expand its export promotion efforts, enhance its export financing programs, educate U.S. businesses about export opportunities, establish new trade agreements, and boost enforcement of U.S.


Small Business Owners Say Thanks to Mom

Small business owners need support from many different sources in order to be successful. And one of the most common places that support may originate, whether it’s business advice or just a person who’s willing to listen, is from their moms. So this Mother’s Day, small business loan platform Lendio wanted to come up with a way to honor the mothers of small business owners.

Retail Trends

Walmart is Gearing up to Take on Amazon Prime

Walmart is making a move to try and grab a larger share of the online shopping market dominated by Amazon. The retail giant is gearing up to test a new unlimited shipping service similar to Amazon Prime but at almost half the cost.

Mobile Retail Trailers, the New Food Trucks of Retail?

Businesses are going mobile. And that doesn’t just mean they’re using smartphones and tablets to stay in touch. Some businesses are actually taking their whole operations mobile. You likely already know about the food truck craze. But now there are some retail businesses that are following their lead. Blaine Vossler and Mackenzie Edgerton are two of those mobile entrepreneurs.

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Build Customer Loyalty with Loyalzoo

Building customer loyalty can be more difficult for small businesses than it is for large companies. Big brands have more resources to develop in-depth loyalty programs that give customers different rewards or offers based on their past buying behavior. But technology is now offering new options for small businesses looking to build loyalty. Loyalzoo is one such option.

Business Advice

Keurig CEO Regrets Big Mistake Made with the 2.0 Brewer

Keurig made a big mistake with its Keurig 2.0 coffee machine. And now the company is admitting it. The Keurig 2.0 frustrated customers with it’s inability to accept third-party coffee, older K-cups, or reusable pods. Keurig is finally making an effort to fix at least one of these problems by bringing back the refillable My K-Cup.

Intuit’s Dan Wernikoff Talks Small Business Big Game

At this point the next Super Bowl is almost a year away. But Intuit is gearing up for the big game just the same. Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intuit’s Small Business Group Dan Wernikoff took the opportunity during National Small Business Week to share why.


Rhino Slider EVO is the Motorized Camera Slider with a Smooth Roll

A hobby can change the course of a career. Kyle Hart was an insurance salesman who discovered a love for video. His hobby would lead him to start creating his own camera equipment and from there his own company, Rhino Camera Gear. After creating a prototype for a DSLR stabilizer in his garage, Hart decided to give crowdfunding a try to launch his first product in 2011.

Potential FDA Interference Has Homemade Soap Makers in Lather

Two Senators have introduced legislation that authorizes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to more aggressively police ingredients used in personal care products. The proposed law targets homemade soap crafters. This has become a popular stay-at-home business venture known to often provide important supplemental and even primary income for a lot of entrepreneurs.

Dipping Your Toes into the Exotic Henna Business

Body art has had its ups and downs in popularity for centuries. In the past, obvious body decorations have been frowned upon in many societies, but in more recent decades there has been an increase in the acceptance of body art. Now, even in the business world you can spot some CEOs sporting visible tattoos.

Technology Trends

Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case Adds Hardware to Your Mobile

The idea of a modular smartphone with interchangeable components is nothing new. The concept’s been floating around for awhile with projects such as Google’s Ara. But one company is attempting to bring modular to your hands in the form of a case rather than a phone.

The Businessperson’s Guide To The iMovie Galaxy

These days, making professional-looking movies and presentations is a necessity when marketing your business. If you have an Apple Mac, then the best pre-installed program on it by far is iMovie. If you want your marketing to look like a million dollars, check out this business person’s guide to iMovie Galaxy.

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