Paul Michael Design Sells High-End Jewelry for Geeks

paul michael design jewelry for geeks

Most jewelry stores carry a variety of pieces that fit into the same general categories: chain necklaces, diamond rings, watches, gemstone earrings, etc.

Maybe you’re looking for something unique. You might find an interesting combination of colorful gemstones. Or perhaps there’s a pendant that can be personalized with engraving.

Outside of that, the market for jewelry made with high-end materials is pretty limited. However, thanks to some independent jewelry designers, that could be changing.

Paul Michael Bierker is one of those designers. In his collection, you won’t just find those simple diamond earrings or heart pendant necklaces that can be found just about anywhere. Instead, his jewelry appeals specifically to people who are likely to consider themselves “geeky.”

That’s right. Jewelry pieces from Paul Michael Design are inspired mainly by sci-fi, fantasy and superhero movies. His most popular items are those inspired by R2D2. But he’s also made Wonder Woman rings, Dr. Who charms, Captain America necklaces, and more.

Not every single piece is necessarily inspired by comics or pop culture. He also tackles custom orders from customers who simply can’t find the kind of unique jewelry they want from traditional retailers. Bierker told The Huffington Post:

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Usually it’s like, ‘I’m so happy someone finally understands what I want.'”

Judging by the recent success of superhero movies like “The Avengers,” this niche can certainly be a lucrative one. More established jewelry brands don’t offer much in the way of sci-fi or fantasy inspired pieces. So it’s also a relatively untapped market.

The pieces are so unique and sometimes even custom made, in addition to being made with quality materials. So customers are willing to pay big for Bierker’s jewelry. He says items can cost anywhere from $80 to tens of thousands of dollars, adding:

I have done bespoke geeky in excess of $15,000 dollars. Our prices are always based on materials and difficulty of manufacturing.”

Bierker’s success demonstrates the power of finding a good niche and excelling within it.

Independent designers who want to create those simple, classic pieces must compete with the major players within the industry. But Bierker creates items that can’t be found anywhere else.

And consumers are paying for them.

Image: Paul Michael Design


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