Small Business Owners Say Thanks to Mom

thanks to mom

Small business owners need support from many different sources in order to be successful. And one of the most common places that support may originate, whether it’s business advice or just a person who’s willing to listen, is from their moms.

So this Mother’s Day, small business loan platform Lendio wanted to come up with a way to honor the mothers of small business owners. So they created the video below to say thanks to mom for all that those mothers do to help their entrepreneurial children.

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Levi Whitney, marketing manager for Lendio and creator of the video explained in an email interview with Small Business Trends how to concept had come into being.

“Because our passion is helping small business owners succeed, we wanted to highlight the stories behind these great entrepreneurs, and with Mother’s Day coming up, we felt highlighting the influence mother’s have on these small business owners was a great way to celebrate it,” Whitney said.

The idea first came to the Lendio team when they got to thinking about their own mothers and the influence they’ve had. They had a hunch that many small business owners felt the same way about their moms. And they were right.

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The video features three business owners: Anna K. Findlay of Sodalicious, Lacey Bruschke of Dash Fitness and Jerri Conley of Glitz Dance Studio.

It starts off with the business owners explaining their businesses and talking about how important each of their moms has been to their success. After they share those warm sentiments, their moms surprise them on camera.

And each business owner gets a chance to say thank you” to the women who raised them and helped them grow into the successful business owners they’ve become.

“I think moms are so important to the success of entrepreneurs because they’ve influenced them from the day they were born,” Whitney added. “They’ve raised them so that they can do anything the put the heart and mind to.  They teach them to never give up, and as we know, owning your own business isn’t easy.”

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  1. There is always that one person that can accept you for who you are and love you no matter what you do. For most people, this is their mom.