Smoking Roaster Gives New Flavor to Food Truck Craze

smoking roaster

Food trucks have gone from a novelty business just a few years ago to a fully saturated corner of the restaurant industry today.

With that change, food truck businesses have had to evolve to keep up and set themselves apart from all of the heavy competition out there.

No longer is it enough to just serve some greasy food out of an old van at festivals. You either have to serve the best greasy food there is, have the coolest looking van, or create an experience that will stand out in the minds of consumers.

Smoking Roaster is a food truck business that aims to do all of the above. Max Rodrigues Nunes, one of the founders of Smoking Roaster, told MYVAN in the video below:

“In the food truck business the guests are coming to you and you have immediate contact with them. They can see what you’re doing. You’re part of the entertainment. It’s not only the cooking, but it’s also the way the truck looks. It’s also the way we are dressed. It’s also the way we smile to the customers.”

First comes the food, fresh and including items like lobster and crab burgers and roast on toast. The business also aims to create an overall experience that customers won’t soon forget.

That experience starts with Smoking Roaster’s vehicle. It’s actually an old Mercedes-Benz L406 van the team converted into a fully functioning food truck.

They wanted something sort of tough looking. So they painted it black, added some wood, and then replaced some more integral parts like the engine and fuel pump. Within six months, the truck was up and running, ready to serve food.

Smoking Roaster is based in the Netherlands and travels to various festivals and similar events. But everything from the menu to the truck to the overall atmosphere is planned out to ensure a positive customer experience.

Food trucks, like other businesses, have to consider the brand image they want to portray. And every part of the customer experience ends up contributing to that brand.

For Smoking Roaster, the goal is for customers to leave with a strong memory and impression of that experience. If the business is able to accomplish that goal, it will succeed in standing out from the massive sea of other food trucks out there.

>Image: Smoking Roaster Facebook Page


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  1. really cool idea. Nowadays, people don’t just buy for the product. They are also paying for the experience.