New WWF Emoji for Twitter Increase Endangered Species Awareness

wwf emoji

We all love our emojis, whether we use them on our iPhones, Androids or even Twitter. Now, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is taking advantage of the public’s love of tech to bring to light the status of several endangered animals.

In a campaign called “Endangered Emoji,” WWF created a set of emojis that represent 17 different endangered species. The organization teamed up with Twitter to raise awareness and support: you can use emojis in Tweets to spread the word and can even make a donation whenever you post an emoji to Twitter. You can see all 17 endangered animals-turned-emoji below.

Good job WWF, for using the power of technology to help our environment!

wwf emoji

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  1. I love seeing non-profits with such cutting edge marketing tactics. This is a great idea and would love to see a followup post about how the campaign went.

  2. I don’t use emojis with the knowledge of those animals. I use them when I need a panda or whatever animal. But it is still cute nonetheless.