Bing Ads Rolls Out New Customization Features

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Bing has updated its Bing Ads platform making it more customizable for any user with access to your company’s account.

Before these updates, when a user logged on to the Bing Ads platform, they were forced to reset the columns they preferred to view during their visit. No matter the customizations that were done in a previous session, the Bing Ads platform would reset to a default.

Program Manager Sarah Johnson writes on the Bing Ads blog that this latest update from the company should help small business owners who manage their ad accounts save time, even a few seconds at a time.

“Have you found that a second here and a second there adds up pretty quickly? We’ve fixed that. Now, you can pick the columns you want, arrange them in the order you prefer and save it for the next time.”

If multiple users have access to your company’s Bing Ads account, each user will be able to customize the platform to their liking.

Another update to the platform works hand-in-hand with this. Rather than each user picking columns they’d like to view on Bing Ads during their visit from a single list — a rather long list, too — Bing has organized the columns into categories.

The categories are broken down into things like Attributes, Performance, Conversions and Call details, according to Johnson’s blog post.

Users have the ability to organize the column view using drag-and-drop functionality. Once the user finalizes a look he or she wants, saving it only requires a few clicks. A specific column view can be saved with a custom name and then opened for the user’s next visit.

Bing Ads users who may have been flustered with having to change these columns for every visit they make to the platform to manage a company campaign are likely to find some relief with these updates.

If you don’t see these changes right away, don’t stress. The company says the changes will be fully implemented in a few weeks. But some users may have access to these changes now.

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