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Social Media marketing has become an essential for small businesses today. With almost half of the world’s population being active on the internet, it is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach consumers. However, with so many different social platforms to choose from, knowing how to get started is often the biggest challenge that businesses will face.

G/O Digital Marketing conducted a study to better understand how consumers respond to content and advertising on Facebook and how that affects their decision to further explore local businesses.

The reality is, if you’re not already taking advantage of social media marketing for your business then you’re missing out. The misconception that using social media as a marketing tool will not payoff is proven to be a false assumption. According to the study, sixty-eight percent of respondents said that they have used social media sites to search for local businesses. These statistics support an even greater finding from a study done in 2013 that found that businesses who had experienced a significant increase in overall revenues had increased their spending in social media management and advertising the previous year.

This clearly shows the significance of social media marketing for small business. Now, how do you know which platforms to focus your attention on? Do you spread yourself thin across them all or, focus on just a few? Each and every platform will target a different audience. Some consumers may prefer Facebook, while others only use LinkedIn and Twitter. This may tempt small businesses to cater to all audiences by marketing across all platforms however, the study shows that eighty percent of the respondents said that they expect a local business to only be present on 1-3 different social media platforms. Knowing this, businesses can start out by marketing across multiple platforms and based on their results, they can choose the platforms with the most customer engagement and responses and focus solely on those.

One platform that seems to trump them all is Facebook. The study shows that seventy-three percent of respondents said that they think Facebook is the most important social media platform to have a presence and that the average person spends 40 minutes a day checking their Facebook. Here are a few reasons why respondants preferred Facebook over other social media platforms:

Customer Service

One of the main reasons that consumers look to Facebook to communicate with local businesses is for the customer experience. Twenty-five percent of consumers said that they communicate through Facebook for one of the following reasons: ask for business recommendations/referrals from friends, request customer support, compliment customer service and praise the quality of products bought and services hired. This is important for businesses to remember when implementing their marketing strategies.

Quick Response Times

Many consumers look to social media platforms as a quick and easy way to communicate with small businesses. Whether they are inquiring about a product or have a complaint, consumers expect a response on Facebook (58 percent) and Twitter (42 percent) within 24 hours. This is imperative to businesses to make sure that they respond to consumers in a timely manner.

business not on facebook study

Targeting Your Audience

Based on the study, the two major ways that people prefer to see ads appear on their news feed is based upon their location (15 percent) and interests (34 percent). This gives small businesses the flexibility to choose how they target their consumers.

business not on facebook study

business not on facebook study


When consumers see an ad through social media, they are much more motivated to shop after seeing content that promises savings or promotions. This is the single biggest influence that drives consumers to take action and visit a businesses website.

business not on facebook study

The Offline Effect

What happens on Facebook will often times progress to other places. Forty-seven percent of consumers said that they would click through a company’s website or mobile site after seeing an ad on Facebook. This is important for small businesses to think about when trying to drive traffic to their websites or brick and mortar location.

business not on facebook study

Are you using social media as part of your business marketing strategy? Tell us how you are using Facebook and what you find most effective for your small business in the comments below!

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  1. Facebook should be treated like any other online advertising channel. You determine your goals and then set up conversion tracking before you spend any money. Then, as you advertise you measure results, thus getting rid of the lower performing stuff and increasing the emphasis on top performers. Doing this regularly and consistently improves results and you do this as long as goals are being achieved.

  2. I think it depends on the vertical ( item ) also . Suppose like me we are manufacturing a capital item manily for industrial units. Giving ad for my item will not be that fruitful , where ad a Pizza company or cosmetic company, it will be more beneficial

    • Dear Mr. Jeewan,

      As you rightly said, social media performance differs from industry to industry. B2C is more popular on social media than a B2B, but having said that it doesn’t mean that one can’t use it for B2B verticals like heavy machinery or construction equipment etc. If the objective is pure lead generation or sales conversion then even B2C struggles at times, but a fair presence on social media definitely payoffs off if managed wisely.

  3. No wonder people can never spend a day without checking his or her own accounts. Funny but true.

  4. I also use Social Media for the promotion of my product. I am trying to build overall presense of my product in Social Media, so I use not only Twitter, Fb, Linkedin etc. I am trying to use as many social channels as I can.

  5. Violet Roberts

    It’s good to have your business registered in Facebook, but that’s just the first step. What’s more important is to know how to present your company in the best way. You should communicate with customers. Don’t forget that content is the king, too.

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