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A lot of eCommerce sites strive for a personal experience but ENJOY is delivering on that claim … by hand.

ENJOY launched earlier this year and the eCommerce site certainly has a unique take on the mobile or online shopping experience. After customers make a purchase on the site, ENJOY hand delivers the product to their customers.

The point behind the home delivery is so ENJOY employees can personally show customers how to use the product. The ENJOY envoy is also tasked with answering any questions a customer might have.

In an email to Small Business Trends, an ENJOY spokesperson explained the reason behind the non-traditional online shopping experience. “Consumer electronics shopping begins digitally more than 50 percent of the time but ends in stores over 90 percent of the time,” the company writes.

“The experience has become solely about the transaction, click and ship. As a result, we’ve lost a level of customer service or personal touch, even though our devices and purchases have become ever more complex, expensive and intertwined. The customer needs help to integrate these products into their mobile life and require a high degree of personalization to optimize them for their own use.”

ENJOY only sells products that have been tested and approved by people working for the eCommerce site. That way, they can claim to be experts on the products and can parlay that experience and expertise onto the customer.

ENJOY’s CEO, Ron Johnson, says in a company statement:

“ENJOY was founded on the simple premise that people need help and we believe that a human connection is the best way to help them. With ENJOY, we’re delivering the first Personal Commerce platform, offering an entirely new way for customers to buy products and for our employees, an entirely new way to work.”

The eCommerce site says it focuses only on products that tend to make people smile when they use them. Right now, you can get anything from a GoPro camera or HP EliteBook computer to an electric longboard or a flying drone camera.

And rather than focusing on two-day or some other type of express shipping options, ENJOY allows customers to set up a one-on-one with a company expert on their terms. Customers get an hour to ask as many questions as they’d like when the ENJOY employee delivers the product. It’s worth noting that shipping (or delivery, in this case) is free. And ENJOY is currently matching prices that its customers might find elsewhere on the same products its site sells.

Right now, the unique shipping experience is only available in the San Francisco and New York City areas. Customers can schedule an expert’s visit between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. ENJOY says it fully vets its employees to hopefully keep any concerns a customer might have about their safety at bay.

ENJOY Experts will meet you wherever you feel comfortable, be it in your own home or in a public place. Before meeting with an Expert, the customer will receive an email containing their Expert’s name and photo. And ENJOY is always open to and appreciative of customer feedback.

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  1. Wow. That’s great. That’s one of the things that lead people to retail stores. Buying online usually doesn’t give them a way to use the product. This is a good way of solving that problem.