LinkedIn Out Loud YouTube Series Spoofs the Ridiculous

linkedin out loud

Warning: all of the lines in these videos come from real LinkedIn profiles that actually exist out there on the Internet for all to see.

LinkedIn Out Loud is a Tumblr that hilariously highlights real-life, over-the-top profiles from the professional social networking site. In collaboration with Joseph & Joseph Productions, the site created a three-part video series where people act out these ridiculous profiles.

Everything you hear is a real quote from a real LinkedIn profile – professional experience, job titles, skill set – but with the name changed, of course, to protect the person’s identity (and dignity).

From the “master bodybuilder” to the “invent [or of] the two-hour lunch break,” to the person who “runs into the fire,” these people will certainly land a job…making us chuckle.

“Welcome to a window into the life of me.”

We’ve cherry-picked more real quotations from the CV website’s millions of profile summaries and invited actors to read them out loud. All featured profiles on LinkedIn Out Loud can be found here.

Image: LinkedIn Out Loud/YouTube

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  1. These are pretty funny. Just shows how much context is lost when it’s just text. Adding intonation and facial expression can make some of these lines sound utterly ridiculous when I’m sure the author didn’t intend them to be so over the top.

  2. Hi Small Biz Trends,
    I’m the maker of this video series, and firstly – I wanted to say thanks for sharing with your readers! And secondly, I just wanted to confirm that the video was NOT a collaboration with LinkedIn – we’re in no way affiliated with them, it’s just a bit of fun that we created off our own backs!
    Hope you enjoy!

    Joseph & Joseph

  3. it is actually quite funny when it is said then written. Hahaha!