How Mobile Marketing is Like Online Dating

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In your mobile marketing efforts, you have to find the right balance between getting people’s attention and being too pushy or overbearing.

It’s a very similar balancing act to that of another common online activity — dating.

Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and co-founder of mobile marketing solution provider Leanplum recently compared the two activities in a post for Mashable. He wrote:

“Like online dating, mobile marketing requires respecting and understanding your user while putting on your best face for them — courting them to become brand evangelists and not just one-time users. What you’re aiming for is not just a transaction, but, rather, a relationship — one that lasts longer than just one date.”

He then shared five common mobile marketing mistakes, included below, that are common among both online daters and mobile marketers.

By avoiding these mobile marketing mistakes, you might be able to avoid becoming that creepy weirdo and instead create lasting relationships with your customers.

1. Don’t Be Creepy

Technology gives you amazing access to data about your customers. But just as you wouldn’t bring up some information you uncovered during a lurking session on Facebook on a first date, you don’t need to bring up users’ ancient search history or other data every time they use your app.

2. Don’t Keep Calling

If you continue sending notifications to users about new features or updates and they never seem to respond or take action, it might be time to take a hint. Either they don’t want to use your app or service that often – or they might be getting turned off by the constant notifications.

3. Consider the Hour

Timing can have a huge impact on the success of your marketing efforts. If you constantly send updates while users are sleeping, at work or otherwise unavailable, they aren’t likely to pay much attention and they might even get fed up with the experience altogether.

4. Switch It Up

Don’t send the same updates over and over again. They probably at least saw the last thing you sent. So if they weren’t interested before, they probably still aren’t.

5. Get Past the One-Night Stand

You don’t just want people to use your app one time and then forget about it. You need to focus on building lasting relationships through gentle prompts and promotions.

Of course, marketing to mobile consumers isn’t exactly like online dating. But the similarities are clear.

You want to put your best face forward so that you can attract customers and actually keep them around. But it’s important to also consider their wants and needs in the process.

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  1. I have to agree. It is the same as with personal relationships. You cannot be too pushy but you also have to keep reaching out to keep a good balance.

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    This article I will save for our new online venture, Sloganize Me, that has to do with online dating, relationships, personal branding, etc.

  3. Thanks for the tips! My company hasn’t introduces such kindof marketing yet, but if it will I keep your tips at hand.