Need To Manage Your Google Settings? Google’s My Account is Here

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you had more control over what private information is collected about you?

Google is rolling out two new improvements to their privacy and security tools that will do just that by putting more control over your information into your own hands.

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Users now have access to a personal hub for managing Google settings called My Account. On My Account, you will be able to control what personal information can be used from Search, Maps, YouTube, and other products.

My Account will also allow you to use an Ad Settings tool to manage ads that target you based on your interests and searches. Other features include step-by-step walk-throughs and control over which apps and sites can be connected to your account.

In addition to My Account, Google has launched a new suite to answer user questions about their privacy and security. You can go to and find answers to questions about what data Google collects, just what Google does with your information, and what tools are available to you.

Google promises to use the new site to candidly explain how the company uses your information without selling it and how Google uses encryption and spam filtering to keep your personal data safe.

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Users will also be able to get updates on new tools, features and information, too.

Google first announced these new improvements at the I/O developers conference recently. Originally, the improvements were announced as part of M, the next version of Android that is currently in developer preview.

But Google is now ready to make these security improvements available to everybody. And that is possibly the best part. Everybody can use them. You don’t even have to have a Google Account or the Android M preview.

On the official Google Blog yesterday June 1, company

When you trust your personal information with us, you should expect powerful controls that keep it safe and private as well as useful answers to your questions. Today’s launches are just the latest in our ongoing efforts to protect you and your information on Google. There’s much more to come, and we look forward to your feedback.

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  1. I guess it is a good way of managing all your Google-related tasks in one place. It also reminds you that several services belong to Google and you can set it up from there.