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Business Travel Business Travel Horror Stories

Check Out These Business Travel Horror Stories

We've all heard business travel horror stories, but by the end of the trip, usually people will only give you a one-word description of their awful jaunt. SurePayroll and Small Business Trends teamed up to delve deeper into these horror stories. Here's what we found.

retain employees in a small business

How Do You Retain Employees in a Small Business?

Great employees are the key to your company's success. But how do you recruit the best and brightest and then have them sick around for the long haul? Check out these suggestions on how to build a team that lasts.

Learning by Doing and Entrepreneurship

Learning by Doing and Entrepreneurship

A recent survey question posed to Small Business Trends readers asked the best way to learn about entrepreneurship. The results of the informal survey, while unscientific, yielded some interesting responses. If you haven't yet taken the survey, what would your answer be?

type of leader

What Type of Leader Are You?

The former Soviet Red Army hockey team was a feared group of men. And they were, for a long time, very successful. They were led by a man who ruled with the proverbial iron fist. There can be a lot said for that style of leadership but surely there are other ways to lead.

facebook video

Could Facebook Video Be Serious Competition to YouTube?

For the longest time, there was little doubt that YouTube was the king of all Internet videos. But the site is getting some serious competition from Facebook, especially since the social media site started allowing users to embed their videos pretty much anywhere they wanted.


Serious Accident Leads to Life-Changing LeanOnWe Startup

Imagine an accident that put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Could you come back from it and build a successful career for yourself as an entrepreneur anyway? Better yet, could you turn your own tragedy into a business that could help others?

Biz2Credit, Other Events Coming With Beginning of July

Biz2Credit, Other Events Coming With Beginning of July

July is approaching and so are more important business events you may want to attend online and across the country. Not least of them is this Webinar by Biz2Credit about how your small business can get more loans. You may want to check it out.

Facebook Authorship, Store Locators Pique Small Biz Interest

Facebook Authorship, Store Locators Pique Small Biz Interest

Small businesses use technology to put their fledgling companies on the map. Facebook authorship and store locators are merely the latest tools. See this latest list of resources including technology and tips from the small business community.

train station restaurants

Cafe Finds Perfect Location — In an Old Train Station?

Business owners often talk about the importance of location. At times that includes finding an interesting place to locate a business -- say in an old train station. As unique an idea as this might appear to be, cafes and restaurants located in train stations have become a trend.

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