Monthly Archives: June 2015

bing ads updates

Bing Ads Rolls Out New Customization Features

Bing is introducing updates to its Bing Ads platform that will surely save users time. Customized views that normally had to be set up upon each visit can now be saved and viewed when logging back on to the site.

Office for Android, Web Domain Privacy Make Headlines

Office for Android, Web Domain Privacy Make Headlines

Small business owners who are always on the go - especially those using Android devices - got a lot of good news this week. Both Microsoft and Adobe made some of their more popular apps and services available to users of those smartphones and tablets. Updates on these and more in this week's Small Business News Roundup ...

work-life balance

How to Restore and Take Back Your Work-Life Balance

Entrepreneurs are accustomed to working hard and sometimes sacrificing the personal time others take for granted. But the fact is that at some point it's important to re-establish downtime for yourself -- that or burn out early. Here are some instructions for a challenge as big as building your business in the first place.

alexa fund

Amazon Unveils Alexa Fund: $100 Million for Voice Tech Innovation

This new fund is named for Alexa, the cloud based digital assistant featured in Amazon Echo among other products. If your business is working on innovation along similar lines, consider learning more. The potential opportunity may be worth exploring.

Memories of Office Lunches Past

Memories of Office Lunches Past

It could be one of the most abused appliances in the appliance world. The break room refrigerator can be a treasure trove, though. It's probably where you left that banana a few months ago. Be warned, opening the door can bring on a flood of sme ... er, memories.

Ugliest Fonts

Death to Comic Sans: The Ugliest Fonts to Avoid

Creative Market looked at some of the ugliest fonts in use today. Arial, Comic Sans, Papyrus ... look around; they're probably in use at your office right now. Designers say these fonts need to stay off documents and signage immediately.

digital nomads

Startups Use Jobbatical to Offer Digital Nomads Work Adventures

If you can't imagine being in one place for too long or if you run a startup and need a quick infusion of new talent on your team, there's a company that offers to find the right fit. Employees seeking a job adventure and those wanting to hire them now have a new option.

responding to comments

This Blogger Spends Hours Every Day Responding to Comments

Cassie Ho, of Blogilates, spends about two hours every day responding to comments she receives from blog readers and social media sites. The seemingly endless task sounds tedious but she feels it's critical to her business.

summer business hours

Do You Change Your Summer Business Hours?

If you're extending your business hours this summer in an attempt to bring in more revenue, don't keep it a secret. Research says 25 percent of small businesses extend their business hours in the summer months. But few update their Google My Business accounts accordingly.

entrepreneur attributes

Survey Finds 5 Entrepreneur Attributes are Shared Qualities

Do successful entrepreneurs and small business owners share any characteristics? A survey by U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management says there are. Here's a look at five so-called entrepreneur attributes.

webinar mistakes

6 Webinar Mistakes Along with Actionable Solutions

Webinars can be a powerful marketing tool and an important way of keeping in touch with leads. If you don't avail yourself of this tool in your business, it's something to consider. Here are six webinar mistakes that could derail your efforts, along with solutions to resolve them.

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