25 Places to Sell Handmade Crafts Online

Over the past several years, the handmade community has grown from a tiny niche to a fully functioning industry. Online marketplaces like Etsy have led the way for allowing makers of all types to sell and market their products to a global audience online.

But Etsy is only one of the places to sell handmade crafts online. Below are websites where all kinds of makers can sell, market, and find new homes for their handmade goods.


Places to Sell Handmade Crafts Online


Etsy is probably the best-known marketplace for artisans and craftpeople of all types to sell handmade crafts online. You can sell handmade and vintage goods, along with craft supplies. Accounts are free, but users pay small listing fees and a percentage of each sale made on the platform. But it comes with an active community of sellers and shoppers alike. And there are categories for almost any type of product you can think of.


ArtFire is another well-known indie marketplace with an active community feel. The company offers free seller accounts, but also offers paid accounts for more experienced sellers needing more inventory space.


Supermarket is a simple marketplace that just aims to connect customers directly with designers. They only offer four general categories: everything, wear + carry, space + place, and paper + prints.  You can browse by item types or visit designers’ stores directly. It is a clean and simple structure including a directory of designers.


eCrater is both a free Web store builder and an online marketplace. If you are a seller, you can set up your own online store for free. You can also import an eBay store into eCrater. If you are a buyer, you can browse and search millions of products in different categories.

Free Craft Fair

Free Craft Fair isn’t an actual marketplace, but more of a directory of different handmade businesses. The website features different crafters and handmade shop owners on a regular basis. It also includes some resources for crafty businesses.

Handmade Artists’ Shop

Handmade Artists’ Shop started as a community forum for crafters and artists to share their products and seek and share advice with each other. Now you can also browse and purchase products directly on the site.


Folksy is a U.K. based handmade goods marketplace to sell handmade crafts online. The site includes products ranging from jewelry and clothing to art and supplies. It also includes a forums section and blog, so there’s an active community surrounding the platform.


Misi is a U.K. online craft marketplace that lets users set up a shop for free, then charges small listing fees and commission on each sale. Categories include fashion, bath and beauty, art, food and more.


Dawanda is a worldwide community of crafters and artisans. Sellers can sign up for accounts and create their own collections of products for sale. They can also interact with other sellers by leaving comments and joining in on discussions in forums and groups.


SpoonFlower has a more specific niche than many of the other sites on this list. The online platform allows designers to create their own patterns for things like fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. Designers can then sell the fabrics they’ve designed or use them to create other handmade items.


Zibbet is an online marketplace to sell handmade crafts online for everything from fine art and photography to vintage and craft supplies. There’s a free account option, but users can also pay for additional exposure on the site, meaning their items appear earlier in search results.

I Made It Market

I Made It Market provides an online directory of different craft fairs and events where makers can sell their wares. The site also offers a variety of different services for creative entrepreneurs, from social media management to other online marketing options.


iCraft is an online marketplace that’s only for handmade items. That means no vintage, food or craft supplies to compete with. The site offers three different plans ranging from $5 to $15 per month and charges no commission on sales.


Bonanza allows users to sell handmade crafts online by listing handmade products and then have them automatically published to major buying channels like Google Shopping. Bonanza also offers webstores built from users’ product listings, photography help and more.

Made It Myself

Made It Myself is a free marketplace where you can open your own showcase, which is your collection of products for sale. Accounts are free, but users pay listing fees and commission on sales. The platform also allows sellers to designate prices that are open for negotiation.


eBay is a well known auction site for all kinds of different products, including handmade items. The site used to have a separate marketplace specifically for sustainable items, which was a good fit for many handmade artisans. It has since discontinued that marketplace, but continues to work on various green initiatives that are likely to fit with various handmade products.

Renegade Craft

Renegade Craft is a series of in-person craft fairs that take place in various cities throughout the year. It’s not a site where makers can list products for sale. But Renegade does have a web presence that it uses to promote its sellers from time to time.

Maker Faire

Maker Faire is another series of events that target artisans and other DIY enthusiasts. The popular events include DIY demonstrations as well as products from independent makers.


Society6 is a site aimed at artists and designers. Artists can upload their work to the site and it automatically becomes available in a variety of formats, including art prints, phone cases, mugs, clocks and even leggings. The site takes a portion of each sale depending on the product type. But sellers can designate how much profit they want to make from their items on top of that base price.


LocalHarvest is an online directory for organic and local food providers, including small farms, farmers markets and other independent food producers.


Alibaba is an online platform built more for B2B transactions. If you create a product that can be used by other businesses in creating end products for consumers, you might consider Alibaba. The site allows businesses to create profiles and list products and supplies for sale to other businesses.


Meylah is an ecommerce platform where crafters and other small business owners can sell handmade crafts online. Not only can sellers list physical products for sale, but also digital products like patterns, tutorials and digital downloads.

Sourcing Handmade

Sourcing Handmade calls itself a virtual trade show. It helps independent makers find places to sell their products wholesale. The online platform that aims to connect makers and artisans with stores and other businesses that are interested in selling handmade goods. Those businesses can even place orders directly on the site.

Craft Site Directory

Craft Site Directory is, as the name suggests, an online directory for all different types of craft related content. This includes craft items for sale, along with tutorials and various other resources for crafters and makers.

GLC Arts and Crafts Mall

GLC Arts and Crafts Mall offers a few different monthly plans for artists and crafters to sell their goods on the site. Each includes a flat monthly rate with no commissions or setup fees.

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  1. Don’t forget about aftcra! aftcra is a newer handmade marketplace where you can buy and sell handcrafted goods made in the USA. aftcra is the only marketplace dedicated to handmade, and the only marketplace featuring goods made in America. Shop or sell with us at http://www.aftcra.com.

  2. We use several of these online marketplaces. Some are easier to sell off than others. Our favorite is ETSY. The seller’s customer service is user friendly and we are finding good results.

    • I disagree about easy…they seem to have no human contact and will not communicate with you on any issue other then on an email and shut you down without notice..
      They determine what you make..without asking to verify you make it.

      • I agree I have opened a store there in 2016 for almost 1 year I had few sales but had spent a lot of money on fees…renewals..supplies spend a lot of time creating listings, communicating with clients then in march 2017 they closed my shop without any explanations and won’t open again easy is heartless and have double standard. Horrible

      • I`m with you Sandra about etsy they were like that with me and they closed my store down without any notice.

    • Douglas Tapling

      I’ve been on Etsy for a while and they transition to policy shifts without member input. The fees jumped a short while ago and now they’ve set up Etsy accounts to funnel sale dollars through their holding bank(s). Seems related to going Public on Wall St and probably a structural organizational change. Still, good, but lost the closeness with the shop owners…. imho

  3. This is a great resource – thanks! Some of these I’ve never even heard.

  4. Also don’t forget A-Z Craze! We have plans ranging from one dollar to five dollars per month! http://www.azcraze.com

  5. you can also sell your crafts for FREE at gocrafti.com sellers hub. Gocrafti provides unlimited bandwidth, sellers panel, payment gateway, courier services free of cost.

  6. Don’t forget Etsy. It’s a site made for homemade items including clothes, jewelry, toys, art, etc. Though I do believe the amount needed to open a shop on there is $20.00

    • It’s free to open a shop on Etsy.It costs 0.20 $ per item posted and 3.5% per item/order sold plus what paypal takes.

    • Etsy sucks, they’ve become nothing but bullying tyrants. Closing shops without notice or explanation. Allowing other shop owners who are insecure, jealous of YOUR products because you are competition to file false reports that you’re copying them and then shut you down or threaten you with lawsuits.

  7. hey.can we sell our product from india on ETSY.i mean i am little bit confuse if some of my product will selected there sending chargs is extra…if anybody have an idea please reply..

  8. There is an other great marketplace for artisans in emerging countries like India, Indonesia and Mexico: https://www.discovered.us/. By buying here you don’t only get a unique, special product for yourself, but you also help artisans in those countries earning a living by doing business. So it is not only about great products, but also about a good cause.

    • I have been with Etsy since 2010 and it does have good traffic of bringing in customers who buy my handmade products, of course paying quite a lot of fees to renew my items. However, my sales dropped since about 2 years ago(I guess because due to the global bad economy as well), but I still try to have confidence…However, recently Etsy just suspended my Shop without telling me why! This makes me really upset, they are handmade by me with love and trying to earn : ( I wonder what is wrong with them??

      • I am new to Etsy and it seemed to go well…took a little while to get going but recently the new “shop manager” they have foisted on us is truly awful and I am gathering from various threads that there are other issues too…but the new stats design, etc is very bad indeed, and I only found this thread because I am having a look at other selling platforms! People do NOT look at sites that are user UNFRIENDLY, ask any web designer worth their salt! People just move on and look elsewhere…Etsy take note.

        You ask a good question, what is wrong with them?! The whole world seems to be in uproar about these site changes and yet they do nothing. You have my sympathy!

      • Douglas Tapling

        Cloud, they changed the way “sales” dollars are handled. Comment from them follows that they want the buyer to have the same experience world wide(I don’t travel to foreign countries to buy things on Etsy…. weird logic). It was a get on board approach or they suspended your store. NOTE: Sales dollars are funneled to “your” account and paid to where you direct them each Monday. Suppose as large as Etsy is, they can pick up the odd dollar or two in a bank that offers a daily interest to them?????

  9. Kidscraftbay.com is a site dedicated to the sale of kids crafts

    • Why is there only 5 users? It looks like it could use some new owners. Like me. 😉 Just kidding, although I would like to help them out.

  10. I’ve been with Etsy since 2011, have only sold a hand full of my hand crafted items, and there is quite a variety of items. I believe I’ve been targeted on some of my handmade items and have had some deactivated by Etsy on numerous accounts. Why would a company making thousands of dollars want to report someone with hardly any sales? So I’m having second thoughts, and plan on slowly not renewing any of my expired items.

  11. I am looking for a place to sell my sewn items…. fabric glasses cases, tote bags and a specialty hat that I make. I try to keep them one or two of a kind and will try to give choice of colors. This might mean shopping so please contact me. I don’t have a website yet but list on ebay and handmadeartists.com.

  12. I have been selling on Etsy for years and love it. I have sold a lot of items and have had no prolem with them. I also sell on ebay but like Etsy better.

    • Linda, how are you feeling about Etsy the past 2-3 months? I’ve been there since 2011 and all was going good until now…no traffic, no sales.

      • Since Etsy shut down my shop unreasonably and I have lost all my customer good reviews and feedbacks, which are very important for online shops and to get potential customers… Now I have to start All over again in other platforms : (( It is just upsetting.

  13. You forgot Ravelry.com (unless I overlooked it in the list)

  14. I do not like Etsy… after all was said and done, I did not make much.. and in order to be seen you have to pay a lot of money for promoting. It started out a good place, but was not happy with it. This is a good list of other possibilities… does anyone know or rate this list?

  15. What a great list of places to sell handmade! May I make a suggestion? How about adding a WowThankYou (www.wowthankyou.co.uk) to the list – we are established marketplace (since 2009) and support UK based artisans, crafts people and designers. We are friendly community and always welcome new partners to join us.

  16. Thank you for the great post!

    Do you have any recommendations of Australian artists and hobbyists as this is mostly UK and USA based artists.

    I find it quite difficult for us Australian artists to find a good platform to sell.

  17. Hi Annie, My wife and I own and operate CustomHeritage Art & Sign. Our products are currently only available through one single platform other than local/word of mouth. We are looking for ways to expand as we truly love what we do. Thanks for your time.


  18. Great list.I actually use etsy and bonanza.Etsy listing fee of 0.20 is for 4 months.
    Supermarket seams off or its just me?
    I also use manocreativa.it for italian buyers .Listing fee is € 0.20 for 12 months and 0 fees on sales.

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