Spotlight: SketchyLaw Creates Visual Depictions of Laws

sketchylaw visual law depictions

Students learn in a variety of different ways. For some people, the traditional books and lectures just aren’t enough. But creative visuals, like the ones offered by SketchyLaw can help.

SketchyLaw is a new business, an offshoot of SketchyMedical, that offers visuals to help law students study for the Bar exam and other law school classes.

Learn more about the interesting philosophy behind SketchyLaw in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Sells a visual online curriculum for law students.

The company uses visual mnemonics to teach different legal concepts, much like its partner company, SketchyMedical, does for med students. SketchyLaw’s co-founder Kipp Mueller says:

“We’re the only education company in the space that uses visual mnemonics. Our partner, SketchyMedical, has amassed over 20,000 users over the last year because students are hungry for visual learning. No one else offers it like us.”

Business Niche

Telling visual stories.

Small Business Deals

SketchyLaw and SketchyMedical are the only companies that are really using those visual concepts to help students learn specific concepts. Mueller explains:

“We tell compelling stories, putting elements to be memorized in a scene context, so that students can remember each visual memory palace and everything associated with that sketch.”

sketchylaw visual law depictions

How the Business Got Started

Following in the footsteps of SketchyMedical.

Mueller says:

“My friend, Andrew Berg, started it during Medical School after making a few sketches for fun. They put a few thousand dollars towards a site, and the rest was history!”

Biggest Win

Launching successfully.

The site just launched a few weeks ago. But the team has been very happy with the results so far. Mueller says:

“It’s been tremendously successful so far, and people are very positively responding. SketchyMedical’s big win was their latest package, Viruses and Fungi, which was hugely successful. Numerous publications have lined up to learn more about their product. We’re following in their footsteps.”

sketchylaw visual law depictions

Biggest Risk

Launching so early.

Mueller explains:

“We only have a couple packages and do not currently cover the entire Bar, but we’re banking on the fact that students will love what we are offering today. Also, charging very little is risky, but it’s paying off.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Hiring a full time illustrator and animator.

sketchylaw visual law depictions

Business Motto

Do what feels right.

Mueller explains:

“We’re very unorthodox. Everything is feel for us, from pricing to customer support. We really just focus on catering to students and their debts by selling our product for an extremely affordable price.”

Favorite Quote

“I’m not superstitious. But I’m a little stitious.” –Michael Scott, “The Office”

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  1. People learn differently. It is insensitive to assume that people have the same way of absorbing knowledge. For some people, they are more visual and can relate more with images. This is a nice way to get them to remember the lesson. Law students today are lucky that there is a service like this.