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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Samsung SSTV Giveaway, Meet Our Winners!

Samsung SSTV Giveaway, Meet Our Winners!

It's time to announcement the winners of SSTV Giveaway at Small Business Trends. Kudos to the creators of the two winning tweets: Kimberly Thompson and Suzanne Lankford.

Windows 10, Amazon Aurora Make Small Biz Headlines

Windows 10, Amazon Aurora Make Small Biz Headlines

For a lot of PC users this week, anticipation grew around the release of a new operating system, Windows 10. That big release from Microsoft topped the headlines. Check out that and more in this week's Small Business News and Information Roundup.

Remote Workers Build Tools to Make Remote Work Even Easier

Remote Workers Build Tools to Make Remote Work Even Easier

Doist, the company behind Todoist, has grown from 1 to 40 employees in a short amount of time. That kind of growth can be traced to the company's ability to embrace a remote work environment. The staff of the company is scattered around the globe.

abandon your cart

15 Reasons Customers Abandon Your Cart and Solutions

For eCommerce business owners, it may be one of the most important questions to answer. Why do customers abandon your cart after loading it with items? It may be more important than the question of what get customers to your site in the first place. Here are some much needed answers.

amazon aurora

Amazon Web Services Announces Availability of Amazon Aurora to All Customers

Amazon, the online shopping giant, is making its MySQL-compatible database engine called Amazon Aurora, available to other businesses in a few select regions. Amazon Aurora provides functionality compatible with more expensive commercial database technology, but at more affordable price.

branding mistakes to avoid

3 Branding Mistakes You Absolutely Must Avoid for Ultimate Success

Some companies have risked throwing away all their success because of something they said or posted on the Internet. All that hard work, gone with one regrettable click or tap of the finger. Here are some branding blunders to avoid with your business.

content curation tools

Top 3 Free Content Curation Tools for Social Media

Marketing your small business on social media requires a lot of time and effort. The rewards for that effort could well be worth it. Luckily, there are automation tools available to small businesses to generate more social media content at a low cost or no cost.