11 Signs: When It’s Time to Fire Your Client

11 Signs: When It’s Time to Fire Your Client

Have you ever had clients who were more trouble than they were worth? It can be difficult for freelancers and small businesses to drop clients, but sometime you just need to cut the chord. Too many payments are short? Drop ‘em. Payments have stopped altogether? Drop ‘em (and maybe sue!).
It’s also important to enjoy the work, which helps boost your portfolio and reputation.

So when should you fire a client? Learn more about when to get rid of those clientele from hell in this humorous infographic by CompanyFolders below.

give up on a client

Image: CompanyFolders

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  1. If you wait for all 11 of these to manifest then you’ve waited far too long. I would say that 2 or 3 should be enough reason to bag a client unless you’re desperate for revenue.

  2. You might want to correct your misspelling. You’re not cutting a “chord”…you’re cutting a “cord.” Cutting a “chord” would make an interesting sound effect, however. 🙂

  3. It’s hard when your client lies to you. I am not the type who catches early on until I face some problems later. You need a client that you can trust.