Flash is Now Blocked Automatically by Firefox

firefox blocking flash

After multiple security vulnerabilities recently discovered in Adobe Flash, Mozilla has decided to block the software in the latest version of Firefox. The news was tweeted by head of Firefox support team, Mark Schmidt.

Why is Firefox blocking flash?

Firefox will be blocking all versions of Flash, by default, for the protection of their users, stating it will be automatically disabled and no longer usable. Mozilla also strongly recommends for users to monitor the plugin check page for updates.

Schmidt followed with another tweet explaining that Flash will only be blocked “until Adobe releases a version which isn’t actively exploited by publicly known vulnerabilities.”

Adobe today announced they have fixed the vulnerability issues with Flash and claim to have taken steps to prevent similar attacks in the future, stating:

“We released an update to Flash Player this morning, and are proactively pushing the update out to users. We are also working with browser vendors to distribute the updated player….We continue to partner with browser vendors to both improve Flash Player security as well as invest in, contribute to and support more modern technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript.”

Even with the update this could mark the final fall of Flash. There is no telling as to when or if Firefox will unblock Flash. Time will tell if Adobe can turn the situation around, but many have moved on to HTML5 and other newer technology options.

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  1. I am glad that it is all for security. But they will still be activating it anyway lest they don’t want to watch videos with the browser.