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Good Office Furniture Can Be a Good Marketing Tool, Too

good marketing tool

A few weeks ago I coordinated a large exhibit space for Infusionsoft’s exhibit at the 2nd Annual Market New York trade show. See the pic below.

I knew the trade show would have hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees, so I had to create an experience to catch the attention of people as they were walking by. In just a few seconds, attendees would decide to stop by our booth — or not.

Sure, we had a great display — but I knew we needed more. I reached out to my friends at Turnstone. My thinking was that if I stocked the exhibit with great looking furniture , instead of traditional “exhibit furniture” our exhibit would look better.

Guess what? It did.

We used Turnstone’s Campfire line of furniture to spruce things up and attendees took notice.


People not only commented on the furniture, but we could feel how the modern and smooth LOOK, combined with the functionality the furniture provided, helped our display look smart and snazzy.

Lesson learned? If furniture can make a trade show display look good — how much more could it make your office look good.

Your office won’t just look good, but better furniture will add enhanced functionality and productivity to the people who have to work in your office.

Modern Office Furniture [1] Photo via Shutterstock