A Willingness to Travel the World Has Helped This Entrepreneur Succeed

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The businesses of yesteryear needed a fixed location where they could operate. But that is no longer true for every business today. Just ask Kisha Mays.

Mays is a business development consultant who helps women entrepreneurs expand into international markets. Her company, Just Fearless, is based in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. But Mays regularly travels around the world to work with her various clients.

She’s been everywhere from Singapore to Italy to India. And she estimates that she spends about eight months of each year outside of the U.S.

Though business travel can be draining for some, Mays enjoys it. And because of the nature of her business, it’s pretty essential for her to be available to clients in different parts of the world. She told Business Insider:

“When you travel, it opens up doors. Even my clients in New York who have never left New York City; that is beyond me. I like that aspect of my life. I get to go around the world in the style I’m comfortable with, and I’m the boss.”

Not every small business would benefit from having a CEO who’s constantly traveling the world. But for those businesses with clients in different countries or other international interests, the ability and willingness to travel can certainly be beneficial. And thanks to plenty of new technology, communicating with your team and working from remote locations isn’t impossible or even all that difficult.

For example, Mays uses Evernote to keep track of her tasks, Trello to communicate with and manage her team, and the XE Currency App to track her currency changes on the go.

Mays also offered a few other tips for effective business travel.

For example, she prefers booking vacation rentals through AirBnB rather than staying in hotels. She’ll even book a long term rental in a central location if she knows she’ll be traveling around a certain region for an extended period of time.

That strategy allows her to have more of a home base where she’s comfortable working instead of spending all of her time moving from place to place or heading back to the U.S. in between each expedition.

Image: JustFearless.com

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  1. Would you say Kish is a digital nomad?

    • Basically! I mean she meets with clients in different countries so it’s not the same as those who just travel because they can work remotely. But she still seems to love it and I’m sure she has to get a lot of other work done while traveling in between meetings.