Need to Move Summer Stock? Follow Amazon Prime Day Model

black friday in july

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Today, Amazon celebrates Prime Day for members of its Prime program. The special service offers customers free two-day shipping and other benefits.

And on this special day — some are calling a Christmas in July and Black Friday in July — members get even better deals. It’s turning into a big shopping day online, to be sure.

Small business owners can learn a thing or two from this, also. Most businesses with seasonal inventory are probably no strangers to running a summer clearance sale.

But Amazon Prime Day may be an even better angle for clearing out old stock. Instead of a typical clearance sale, consider partaking in a Christmas in July of your own. It’s a catchy way to market your sale.

Other large retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Target have jumped on the idea, as well, with their own versions of Black Friday in July sales in summer.

Amazon’s Prime Day gives its Prime members “exclusive access to more deals than Black Friday” for one day only. New deals are released by the hour to keep customers checking in. Best Buy is gearing up for a similar sale both in-store and online, offering Black Friday in July pricing.

Walmart has responded to Amazon’s Prime Day with their own Dare To Compare sales page. The company is offering a large number of items at prices they claim to be lower than Amazon’s pricing.

Target has taken the BOGO (buy one, get one half off) approach, which seems to be working as the company has just extended the sale. Target has also included a promo code customers can use to get an extra 10 percent off. That’s an idea you may consider for your own small business.

These companies’ sales are a good marketing example of how things can stick and become regular things. Next year, consider your own Christmas in July or early Black Friday in July sale for your small business, or get creative this year and come up with your own catchy sale.

You can get rid of summer stock, promote back-to-school items, and get Fall inventory on the shelf quicker.

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  1. This is a good thing for you can get stuff at lower prices. And it is also a good time because it means new stocks are coming.