New Yahoo Small Biz Services: Gemini App, Google Trusted Stores

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Businesses today have to apply the latest digital technology and adopt a digital mindset to navigate a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

For small businesses with limited resources, the solutions they choose must be effective out of the box without an extended period of trial-and-error.

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Yahoo has two new small business offerings designed to address these issues with Yahoo Gemini Ads and new Google Trusted Stores for Yahoo Merchant Solutions.

The Yahoo Gemini Ads app is just in beta through Yahoo Commerce Central, but it has a unified marketplace for mobile search and native advertising that could prove very useful for small businesses.

The native app is connected to your catalog, and it lets you create and manage ads that appear automatically on Yahoo Search, sites, and apps.

The onboarding process takes four steps before your ad is live online.

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Yahoo says it takes only minutes to get your message in front of millions of consumers with:

  • Targeted Ads – based on recommended or chosen key words.
  • Connector – creates ads by picking products from your catalog or automate the process based on top-selling products.
  • Automated Bid Management – the apps algorithm monitors items that are generating revenue and automatically adjust bids to maximize ROI.
  • Detailed Reporting – automatic delivery of detailed reporting on visitors, page views and sales from different types of campaigns.

The new Google Trusted Stores complements the Gemini app. Not only does Yahoo get a readily recognized brand, but it gives customers the peace of mind they might not fully enjoy with just Yahoo.

Yahoo says the free Google Trusted Stores program is available to all Yahoo Merchant Solutions retailers. Users of the new Yahoo Stores platform will also have access in a second phase of development, this according to the official Yahoo Small Business blog.

When Google verifies the criteria for your store’s eligibility, the Google Trusted Stores badge appears on your site. This lets customers know your store has been vetted and it meets certain guidelines. This includes free purchase protection from Google for up to $1,000 if customers opt in.

The Yahoo Gemini Ads app and Google Trusted Stores provide an solution small business should be able to integrate to establish their online presence with minimal technical background or assistance.

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