Does This Man Hold the Keys to Nigeria’s Future?

solar car

Personal vehicles can really drain environmental resources. Some large companies have worked to come up with alternatives.

Many of those electric vehicles, however, are expensive or otherwise unattainable for everyday consumers.

But now, a student in Nigeria seems to have outsmarted all those big auto companies. Segun Oyeyiola single-handedly converted his Volkswagen Beetle into a solar car – a vehicle that needs no fossil fuels whatsoever to operate.

He did so by adding a giant solar panel to the top of the vehicle and a wind turbine under the hood. By using both of those power sources, the car is able to travel even without sunlight.

The video below shows how the solar car is intended to work:

Oyeyiola used scrap parts donated by his friends and family, along with $6,000 of his own money for everything else he needed to build the vehicle. The project also took up a lot of Oyeyiola’s free time during his busy college schedule.

But his goal is a noble one. He told Fast Company:

“I wanted to reduce carbon dioxide emission[s] going to our atmosphere that lead to climate change or global warming which has become a new reality, with deleterious effect: seasonal cycles are disrupted, as are ecosystems; and agriculture, water needs and supply, and food production are all adversely affected.”

It’s not a perfect system just yet. Currently, the battery takes about four to five hours to charge, which clearly isn’t ideal for most drivers. But Oyeyiola continues to work on improving the system. Once his school studies are complete, he can devote more time to building and improving his design.

With a creative vision like his, along with the drive to make it into a reality, Oyeyiola might just be onto the future of Nigeria’s auto industry with his solar car.

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