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be a great leader

9 Skills You’ll Need to be a Great Leader

If you're managing to run your small business along with the people you've entrusted to help you, you'll need to develop some good leadership skills. Here are 9 skills to master on your way to being a great business leader.


Drama at HubSpot as CMO Fired After Book Investigation

Hubspot has fired one key executive, another has resigned and a third was sanctioned in the wake of allegations of violating the company's code of ethics in attempts to procure a manuscript of a book written about the company.

art investment

You Can Now Invest in Art for a Fraction of the Cost

You've probably never heard of crowdfunding like this before. Imagine you could invest in valuable art work with others for a fraction of what it might cost to buy it yourself. Your purchases could then be stored as their value increased with the possibility of selling it in the future.

Biz2Credit Lending Index june 2015

Biz2Credit Report Shows How Small Biz Lending has Rebounded

What a difference four years makes. Between June 2011 and June 2015, small business lending at big banks went from it's lowest ebb to its current record high. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for all lending institutions as we shall see.


Spotlight: Heeluxe Steps Up in Footwear Licensing

Every small business owner could be accused -- at least at some point -- of trying to do too much. That's what happened to Heeluxe CEO Geoffrey Gray and it nearly cost him his business. Find out how he turned it around in this week's Small Business Spotlight.

microsoft releases windows 10

Finally, Microsoft Releases Windows 10

Windows 10 is here! The Start menu is back. Cortana is now fully integrated with the system and Microsoft has decided to start anew with Web browsing (au revoir, Internet Explorer), introducing the Edge browser.

social media for business

How To Use Social Media for Business

Many users may think of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram simply as places to share information and the latest news with friends and family. But businesses can also find these sites helpful when promoting a Web presence to online customers.

start a small business

10 Tips to Start a Small Business from Nothing

A new documentary series from Vox Creative highlights the stories of some successful entrepreneurs who were able to start a small business from nothing, essentially. The series explains how they made it from the financial doldrums and how you can emulate that success.

stay at home workers

Who’s the Average Stay-at-Home Worker Today?

More than 3 million Americans work at least part of their week at home. So your small business is more likely going to be relying on the services of a remote worker, if it hasn't already. So, who is the average work-from-home person?