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ranking on google

Be Skeptical of Those Promising Top Ranking on Google

Be ware of telemarketing companies claiming they can help you achieve better ranking in the search engines. A flurry of such calls have again gone out to small business owners. But what can such companies really offer?

Apotheosis Opera

This Company is Creating Operas with a Fresh Perspective

A U.S. opera house is taking a non-traditional approach to marketing a truly vintage art form. Apotheosis Opera is using modern technology to market its new take on operas. And the company is succeeding in large part because its new spin actually clues viewers in on the storylines.

failed brand

What’s a Brand Worth Once Your Business Has Failed?

There's a plan in place to save the beloved Pennsylvania soda company, A-Treat. It was once a local favorite but poor business decisions forced it off store shelves this year. Is there enough brand loyalty among consumers to save it?

gratitude lessons

5 Powerful Lessons Gratitude Can Teach You

Consider all the qualities that could be listed as critical to your success in life. If you didn't list gratitude as one of them, you may easily be forgiven. Not everyone thinks of gratitude as an important quality. But read on for a list of some of the benefits.

Verizon and Vice Media Inc. Announce a New Content Partnership

Verizon and Vice Media Inc. Announce a New Content Partnership

A deal between Verizon and independent digital content network Vice Media Inc. demonstrates the growing importance of the mobile video market. The telecom and the digital content producer have signed an agreement to provide material for Verizon's upcoming mobile video platform.

perfect linkedin photo

The Science of the Perfect LinkedIn Photo

What's your best look for a LinkedIn profile photo? It's probably not going to be the same photo you use for a Facebook or Twitter profile. Here are tips on what makes the perfect LinkedIn photo.