10 Business Ideas for the Summer

business ideas for the summer

business ideas for the summer

The summer months are often full of travel, sunshine, and lots of celebrations. But for enterprising individuals, warm weather can also lead to a variety of new business opportunities.

Whether you have some free time on your hands or just want to make some extra money, there’s likely a summer business for you. Below is a list of business ideas for the summer and opportunities that you can get up and running this summer.

Pool Maintenance

Consumers who want to spend the summer soaking in their pools likely need someone to clean them and keep them up to code. Running a pool cleaning business over the summer can be inexpensive, as it only requires a bit of equipment and know-how. But you can use your home as an office and simply set up appointments at local homes, apartment complexes and hotels.

Lawn and Yard Maintenance

During the warm months, there’s a lot more work that goes into maintaining a good looking yard than there is during the rest of the year. Some people aren’t interested in taking on that extra work themselves. So they’re willing to pay entrepreneurs like you to do it for them. Simple lawn mowing services can keep you pretty busy over the summer. But you can even make a little extra money by offering landscaping, weed pulling, or similar yard maintenance services.

Child Care

Most kids are out of school over the summer. So that means that most parents need some help watching them, tutoring them or running them to all of their summer activities. If you are good with kids, you can use those skills to offer child care or tutoring services out of your home over the summer. Or you can even travel or offer transportation services to help out busy parents.

Cold Food and Beverage Sales

Lemonade stands are often considered the epitome of summertime businesses. But lemonade is just one refreshing offering that can help you make some extra money over the summer. Other options include ice cream, cold bottles of water, snow cones, and more. You can even maximize your investment by setting up at local events with heavy foot traffic.

Barbecue Catering

This is one of the fun and enjoyable business ideas for the summer, especially if you’re a “foodie.” Food service is a huge industry throughout the whole year. But barbecue food items are most popular (and easy to make) during the summer. So if you consider yourself a grill master, think about marketing your skills as a caterer at outdoor summer gatherings.

Water Sports Instruction

waterski instruction

As people travel over the summer, many of them are looking to spend some time at the beach. So that means they might be looking to learn some new water-based skills like surfing or waterskiing. If those are skills that you possess, and you live near a body of water, you could provide lessons to tourists in your area.

Home Rentals

If you live in or near a beach town or other popular travel destination, you can use your location as a way to make some extra money. During busy travel times, consider renting out your home to tourists while you get away on your own vacation. Or you could even rent out rooms in your home or other spaces you own. Websites like Airbnb have made listing vacation rentals incredibly easy.

Car Washing

car washing

People are always looking for quick and inexpensive ways to clean their vehicles. In the summer, that’s a service you can easily offer without a lot of overhead. You can just offer basic washing services. Or you could even include detailing services for people who want to really clean out the insides of their vehicles.

Face Painting

Summertime fairs and events offer plenty of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. If you have any artistic skills, you could try your hand as a professional face painter at festivals or art fairs. Other opportunities include caricature artist, balloon animal creator or vendor of various handmade goods.

Party Entertainment

Summer celebrations offer plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs. If you have any sort of special skills related to the entertainment industry, like comedy, playing music or even juggling, you can offer your skills as a party entertainer. Being a clown or juggler at kids’ parties or a musician for weddings can keep you pretty busy over the summer months.

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  1. Where did all the travel businesses go? I think more than maintenance and outside activities, summer is also a time for relaxing, don’t you think?

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  2. Nice Ideas…I will surely try this in next summer. Ideas to be implemented.

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