Need an Online Training Solution? Try Traind

traind review online training service

Good training can be a critical success factor for your business.

Training your staff leads to consistency and efficiency, both of which can lower costs. It enables your clients to make use of the systems and processes you’ve put in place, leading to long-term customer success and satisfaction.

Training also uses your expertise to create and sell access to standalone classes can provide additional revenue while also boosting your business’ authority as an expert.

While there are online training solutions for all three types of training listed above, it’s been hard to find one that can support them all.

Until Traind that is.

Traind Overview

Traind is a new offering from Alchemy Learning that enables businesses to create a custom online academy in minutes. The solution is a natural extension from Alchemy Learning’s work with educational institutions and is a smart growth strategy for the company/

Even though Traind is young, it already offers a solid set of easy-to-use features. In addition, the company is already planning many future enhancement aimed to please their growing pool of early adopters.

Currently, Traind can support the first two types of training:

  1. Training your staff; and
  2. Training your clients.

Let’s take a closer look under the hood at what Traind offers today:

Key Features

What You See Is What You Get Lesson Builder

Traind’s lesson builder makes it easy to add content from media of any type including text, images, files videos and secure web resources.

traind review online training service

You’ll also find interactive features including mastery questions (that are tracked as the student progresses to give them a lesson score), hot spots on images (see example images below) and feedback prompts for correct or incorrect questions.

traind review online training service

Adding a hotspot to an image is easy: the spot where you leave the drag-and-drop red dot is the hot spot.

 traind review online training service

Students see the pop-up text when they point to the hotspot with their cursor.

Modular Lesson Design

In your course builder page every lesson slide and lesson is modular, so you can drag-and-drop to change order or remove just one slide from the lesson for editing.

traind review online training service

Personalized Academy Page

As you can see below, all of your lessons are published and displayed within your own custom branded academy (more on branding next).

traind review online training service

Customized Branding

Customization options for your academy include color scheme, logo, “about us” text, and font:

traind review online training service

Responsive Design

Every page on the academy is designed to be responsive meaning they’ll look as good on your student’s mobile devices as they do on their desktops.

traind review online training service


When a learner completes a lesson, you get an instant update with their total mastery score as well as the option to grade any non-structured “field” questions.

traind review online training service

User Management

As the academy administrator, you can easily add new managers to the course creation process and learners to your courses by sending them links as shown below.

traind review online training service

Though this is a manual process today, an automated version is on the way (more on this below).

Course-Level Access

Courses can be set to three different access levels:

  • Private – if you’re not ready to share the course yet;
  • Public – the course is open to all your learners; and
  • Restricted –only a select subset of your learners can take the course.

traind review online training service

Restricted access will be key when Traind adds the functionality to offer individual courses for pay/once the feature is added, folks who pay to sign up for a course will automatically (here’s the automation mentioned above) be added to the list of students who can access its lessons.

Almost There

As mentioned above, Traind currently supports the first two types of training:

  1. Training your staff; and
  2. Training your clients.

The third type of training, offering stand-alone courses to which students can buy access, is still 2-3 months away for Traind.

Once the “pay for course access” feature is in place, Traind will become a full-service training solution that’s worth a close look.


Currently, Traind offers varying fee levels based on the number of “learners” (i.e. students) you plan to have.

When the “pay for course access” feature is in place, Traind will also offer plans that capture a percentage of each course sale.

Also in the works – blended plans that combine the fee and percentage models together.

Traind does offer a free two-week trial so go ahead and take it out for a drive.


If you need an online training solution, try Traind.

Traind is easy-to-use, has a clean look, responsive design and a growing set of robust features. The key word there is ‘growing’ – Traind is a young product and, as with many early adopters, if you sign up now, you’ll likely be able to influence the direction of the solution to support your own needs.

With functionality for training your staff and clients already in place Traind is ready for action. Add the ability to charge per course coming in 2-3 months and Traind may well become the complete online training solution your business needs.

Image: Traind

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