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  1. Indeed, as a freelance seo we see how big is the impact on a certain business social media is.
    So take advantage on social media in helping your business to grow with less cost and to gain more income.

  2. I would like to add that online ads on social platforms may work better in some industries than others. Try and see but I wouldn’t expect too much unless you know your target audience is a heavy social media user

  3. Buyer intent is often low for people on social media. People don’t go to social media to find what they are looking to buy. So it is about building brand recognition so you are who they think of when they are ready to buy.

  4. I like #3 because pay to play on social is becoming more the norm. FB changes its algorithm so much now and favors those who pay. Nice choices in your article….Thanks!

  5. No one can deny the role of traditional media, but marketing through social networking platforms allows communication between companies and their clients in a more interactive way than traditional methods. For example, when publishing a press release about new products or solutions in traditional media such as newspapers and magazines And websites, the marketing companies can not express the opinion of the public about these products or solutions, whether affirmatively or negatively. Through social media, companies can quickly and easily understand the opinion of the public and enable them to interact with them. Cat of opportunities to convince the public products and solutions marketed, increasing profitability opportunities for these companies.

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