You Won’t Believe How Easy it Is to Break the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

break galaxy note 5

“The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is our easiest to break mobile device.”

OK, so that’s not how the company is advertising the Note 5, except for maybe in the Bizzaro world.

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But Samsung is admitting its new product has a pretty serious design flaw. The Note 5’s stylus can be inserted into its silo in both directions, but one of those directions can cause permanent damage to the phone’s functionality and disable the stylus detection feature.

The Verge reports:

“The flaw is particularly annoying because of the ease with which the S Pen can be inserted into the Note 5 the wrong way. With previous versions of the Note, it was impossible (or simply very difficult) to put the stylus in blunt end first, but the Note 5’s redesigned S Pen means it’s the same shape all the way down its length, and can be pushed into the phone just as easily the right way as the wrong way round.”

Samsung issued a statement recently advising users to carefully read the Note’s user manual. The company advises: “We highly recommend our Galaxy Note5 users follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure they do not experience such an unexpected scenario caused by reinserting the S pen in the other way around.”

However, Android Police says Samsung was “aware of this issue when it shipped the Note 5 and still did not seek to actively address it — the official manual for the phone very clearly states that the S Pen should not be placed in the device backward, lest damage occur to the phone or pen.”

They also include a video in their report showing the breakage in action.

The Note 5 was introduced earlier this month. Its upgrades from the previous Note include a more comfortable ergonomic design featuring a curved back and narrower bezel.

Another new feature allows users to write down ideas or quick notes when the screen is off even if it is locked. Samsung says PDF files can now be annotated with the S Pen and users can use ‘Scroll capture’ to capture Web articles or images even if they are long. That assumes, of course, the pen doesn’t break.

Meanwhile, Wired gives the Note 5 and its sister phone the S6 Edge an 8 out 10, saying they’re both “great phones.”

The publication adds:

“With about 10 minutes of customization — downloading the right theme and hiding the right apps — they’re exceptional phones.”

The Note 5 is available now from all major U.S. carriers, and sells for between $700 and $750.

Image: Samsung

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Tom Coombe Tom Coombe is a staff writer for Small Business Trends and has been a professional writer for over 15 years, spending most of that time covering news in the Lehigh Valley. He's worked as a reporter for the Allentown Morning Call and an editor for AOL's news service. Tom has also freelanced for WFMZ, the Produce Marketing Association and a number of other publications.

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  1. thomas saulsberry

    This is one of the most ridiculous articles dealing with the note 5 s-pen. Why would anyone insert the pen backwards? The button you need to push to eject the pen, is on top of the pen! Why would anyone insert that end? Also, on the note 4 (which i have), you can insert the s-pen upside down. The instructions are there for people who have never used the s-pen. Not to admit some design flaw. There is no design flaw.

    • Thomas you’re absolutely correct.These people are,behaving as if a bunch of thre,year Olds will be using the Note 5 and will push the pen in backwards. They can’t find anything, meaningfully wrong with the device so they come up with this silly childish thing about design flaw.Haters will hate that’s what they do best.

    • Hi Thomas,
      The Android Police report coupled with Samsung’s acknowledgement of the problem seemed to us to justify the story. Whether there’s a reason to insert the pen backwards or not, accidents happen and new owners might want to know about the consequences.

      • I agree with your comment however if this indeed was the real motivation the article should have been written that way. So when is the article coming warning how easy it is to break the screen when an owner drops the phone? …you know accidents happen and new owners might want to know about the consequences.

    • I myself work in a sprint store and I had a few customers come in with the pen inserted into the phone the wrong way. it then ends up being stuck in the phone. and we cant take it out because it does damage th phone a little more then what it is.

  2. Okay. But is this statement said after testing other devices or it is just a story for people to feast on? All smartphones have its drawbacks. So I don’t see how this (apart from being highlighted in this article) is any different.

    • Hi Aira,
      It’s certainly fair enough to say that all smartphones have drawbacks. But not all smartphones can be rendered partially useless by simply inserting an S Pen incorrectly. Again, might new owners want to know about this possibility? We think so!

      • Completely useless… Did you even read the article? It could disable the S-Pen detection. In terms of functionality, it didn’t even specify which functionality… If it started rendered it inoperable, then I’m with you on completely useless… FOX News needs people like you…. At any rate, anyone that puts the pen in backwards deserves a busted phone. Common sense that the pointy end goes in first. Been that way with all devices that used an installable style of some sort.

  3. Yes people should know the truth. Because accidents happen. Like when you buy a car they tell you if you drive it off of the cliff you will break it. Insert the pen the wrong way or like one of my customers did once when his charger wasn’t working he cut the cable bypassed the charger and plugged the cable straight to the wall and burnt his phone. And he came to claim the warranty with a fried phone. Grow up people. Accidents don’t happen people are sometimes ignorant.

  4. Guys! I put diesel fuel in my Dodge Charger! It was just as easy as putting in gasoline! And GUESS WHAT DODGE TOLD ME?! My fault!! WTF?! They new about this design flaw on their cars but didn’t tell anyone. I asked them how the heck I was supposed to know not to put in diesel and they told me I should read the manual. Stupid car manufactures. They should have made the gasoline intake a different shape than the diesel fuel line. Duh.

  5. Own a note1,not once have I put the pen in the wrong way. When I’m finished the tip goes in first. Hello don’t give plastic bags to babies, for todays generations it has to be spelled out and in writeing, or they sue or winge about how stupid a design is, that’s why there’s notes on a lot of plastic bags because of the brainless society we live in.

  6. Can u guys explain why after Samsung has released its latest flagships it has lost $4.4 billion and counting? I am typing this on my brilliant s6 in awe of Samsung losing money at such an alarming rate. Additionally, adding to Airas point, the Note 5 is still a Gr8 phone.

    • Sigh…Samsung has not lost money… They may have lost profits YOY, but they have not lost money… Big difference… Losing money is when you spend more than you pulled in… This has not happened…

  7. Thanks ummm I won’t put the pen in backwards so far I am loving the phone but i love my Samsung products my samsung tablet10.5 samsung note 2 and now my note 5. My problem is picking out a good light weight phone case you definitely going to need one

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