Discover Global Network Announces a Partnership with Creditcall Corporation

discover and creditcall

In an effort to increase acceptance of Discover Card and Diner Club Card, Discover Global Network, based in Greenwood, Delaware, has partnered with the U.K. firm Creditcall Corporation.

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Discover Global Network is a payment network consisting of several credit cards such as Discover Card and Diners Club International. It also includes PULSE and affiliated networks.

Creditcall is a company seeking to make payments easier for both businesses and consumers. The company has played a large part in expanding use of credit cards for online and by phone purchases, according to company information.

Creditcall is also currently assisting U.S. businesses in the adoption of EMV “chip card” technology. These are the cards set to replace traditional magnetic strip payment cards in the wallets and pocketbooks of many consumers.

The new partnership will allow Discover and its associate, Diners Club, to expand their acceptance by a wider range of businesses around the world, according to a press release announcing the deal.

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In an official release announcing the partnership, Gerry Wagner, vice president of Discover Global Network, explains:

“Working with Creditcall is an important step in securing card acceptance at merchants around the globe. This agreement will increase the number of merchants that card members have access to in over 30 countries.”

Sian Bosley, the commercial director at Creditcall, adds:

“Creditcall is pleased to be strengthening its relationship with Discover through this joint initiative which benefits Creditcall’s past, present and future customers, giving them a wider, enhanced offering,” “We look forward to working closely with Discover to help expand their card acceptance across Europe. This is a great example of a leading card scheme recognizing that Creditcall is a global leader in the payments industry and can contribute to their success.”

The result should be a benefit to businesses and consumers everywhere. Hopefully the partnership will make it easier for small businesses to accept Discover and Diners Club cards in turn giving them access to a larger potential customer base.

Creditcall was founded in 1996 as Creditcall Communications Limited. The company’s goal was originally to streamline the use of credit cards for over the phone payments.

It later moved on to developing use of credit cards for parking meters and online purchases.

In 2014, Creditcall was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, a high honor for businesses in the U.K.

Discover has worked to promote increased acceptance of his cards by businesses all over the world. To do that, Discover charges no annual fees to card holders and lower percentages to the businesses that accept its cards, the company claims.

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  1. So I guess the payment systems are really changing. I hope that it is really for the better. While it is faster, there may be some issues in security we are not exploring.